VUT Admission Requirements

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VUT Admission Requirements

VUT Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

The minimum entrance requirement for admission to studies at the Vaal University of Technology is a Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification. A pass mark is required in at least one of the languages of instruction (English) of the University at Higher Grade (HG) or Standard Grade (SG).

If an applicant offers an N3 qualification as an entrance requirement, it should comprise at least four subjects, plus pass marks in two official languages (of which one must be English), at least at the Senior Certificate level (SG).

Additional requirements are specified for each course/ instructional program. Prospective students must please note that in the faculties of Engineering, Applied, and Computer Sciences the minimum required symbols for Mathematics, Physical Science, and in certain cases English, are HG (E) or SG(C).

In the other Faculties and pending the course you want to enroll for, the average recommended subjects are Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, Mathematics, Typing, Biology, Home Economics, Art, Physical Science, Clothing, and Needlework.

Degree courses: Admission requirements regarding post-diploma and degree studies are available on request.

All applications will be selected on merit by the department concerned. A candidate who is at least 23 years of age may apply for conditional admission.

The Candidate’s application must be accompanied by the following:

  • A certificate stating formal qualifications.
  • Recommendation from the applicant’s employer stating that he/she has the necessary experience and communication abilities to complete the proposed instructional program successfully.
  • If an application is conditionally approved, the candidate shall only be admitted to the second semester/year of study, provided that the full first year/semester course has been completed successfully.


Please take note: Prospective students are advised to apply as soon as possible to prevent disappointment. Verify (this pamphlet/poster) that VUT provides the course you are interested in, and that you adhere to the entrance requirements. The initial selection will be made using the most recent Grade 12 or Grade 11 results. How to Use: Online applications are available at; select New Students Admissions. You must send the following with your application.

  • Certified copy of South African ID document
  • Certified copy of Grade 11 or latest Grade 12 report (e.g June examination)
  • Proof of address (Not compulsory)
  • Application fee of R100.00. Application forms without proof of payment will not be accepted

Banking information: ABSA Bank, branch code 632 005, account number 530 861 945, use your ID number as a reference. The online application must include a copy of the payment documentation.


General Enquiries

Switchboard no: 016 950 9000

Admission Enquiries

Tel: +27 (0)16 950 9053/6940/7596


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