Vaal University of Technology Transportation

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Vaal University of Technology Transportation

Vaal University of Technology Transportation

Vaal University of Technology (VUT) provides a variety of accessibility alternatives, most of which are based on the public transportation systems in the neighborhood. Students and staff at VUT can travel to and from the university campus using a variety of forms of transportation, despite the fact that VUT does not have a specialized transportation system of its own. The transportation system in the Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, area is advantageous to VUT.

However, VUT normally has good access to public transportation choices, just as the majority of colleges do. There are many ways for students and personnel to get to the university campus, including Buses, Taxis, and Private Vehicles. Students and staff at VUT can efficiently navigate their way to and from the campus by utilizing public transportation choices and private vehicles, ensuring easy and dependable transportation for their academic and professional endeavors.

To get the most recent information on transportation to and from VUT, it is advised to check with the university or local transportation authorities because specific transportation options and routes may change over time.

Welcome to the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In the rapidly evolving field of logistics and supply chain management, the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management seeks to educate students with the most recent information.

The department offers a range of courses that are created to give graduates skills in various supply chain management and logistics areas across the economy. Among these are the management of client services, packaging, materials handling, order management, warehousing, and transportation. The department has successfully graduated thousands of students throughout the years, many of whom have significantly improved both disciplinary practice and theory.

The department’s employees are equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to foster learning in supply chain management and logistics. Staff members are also involved in community engagement, research, and publication, with many annual outputs being realized in all three areas. The department’s future is promising, with opportunities to launch new programs that concentrate on capturing both current and anticipated trends in logistics and supply chain management. As a result, the Department of Logistics continues to be a significant factor in the teaching, learning, and research of logistics and supply chain management.


Inquiries may be addressed to:

HoD: Logistics                                                             Tel:           +27 16 950 6883

Faculty of Management Sciences                               Fax:           +27 86 614 1322

Vaal University of Technology                                    E-Mail: 

Private Bag X021                                                         Website:



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