University of Venda Admission Requirements

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University of Venda Admission Requirements

University of Venda Admission Requirements

When it comes to furthering higher education, choosing the right institution is a vital decision. If you’re considering the University of Venda as your academic destination, it’s important to understand the admission requirements. In this article, we will provide the comprehensive admission criteria and offer you all the required information to ensure a smooth application procedure.

Univen Admission Requirements


The National Senior Certificate (NSC), as recognized by the Council for General and Further Education and Training (Umalusi), is the prerequisite for entrance, and it must have an accomplishment rating of 4 (sufficient achievement, 50–59%) or better in four courses selected from the list of NSC subjects worth 20 credits. Additionally, candidates need to have a minimum point total of 26. If grade 12 has been attained, a certificate with a bachelor’s or matric exemption is required.


A National Senior Certificate (NSC), as validated by Umalusi, with an achievement level of 3 (moderate achievement, 40–49%) or better in four recognized NSC 20-credit topics is the prerequisite for admission.


The National Senior Certificate (NSC), as certified by Umalusi, is the prerequisite for admission.
Applicants must possess the necessary combinations of recognized National Senior Certificate subjects as well as a specific degree of proficiency in each of these courses in order to be considered for admission to a given program.

Calculation of admission point score


NSC level





90 – 100

9.0 – 10



80 – 89

8.0 – 8.9



70 – 79

7.0 – 7.9



60 – 69

6.0 – 6.9



50 – 59

5.0 – 5.9



40 – 49

4.0 – 4.9



30 – 39




0 – 29


Modules studied outside of a required curriculum, often known as “extra-curricula” modules, must meet the same admission requirements as modules taken for a degree or diploma within the required curriculum unless the Senate provides special permission.

N.B. Even if a candidate meets the minimum criterion, admission to any program is not guaranteed. The Senate may occasionally revise the minimum points required for entrance to a bachelor’s degree program, which is now 26.

Remember to attach the following documents with your application:

  • When you apply for undergraduate studies, please upload copies of the following files in PDF format:
  • your passport or ID.
  • Your Grade 11 final grades bearing the institution’s seal
  • If you are a current student at another higher education institution, only your academic record.
  • Academic history and a certificate of good behavior, if you’ve already attended a university or college.
  • Copy of the applicant’s overseas visa, residency permission, health insurance policy, and SAQA Evaluation Certificate.
  • a receipt showing the payment of the R100 application fee to the ABSA account number 1000 000 589 with your ID number or student number as the reference.

Acceptance to report for registration as a student at the university is referred to as admission. Applications for admission must be submitted electronically or on the required form, which also requires the following to be submitted with it:

  • confirmation of good behavior;
  • a certificate from high school or, if not, an NSC or NCV
  • if it is not yet accessible, evidence that the prospective student meets the requirements for the degree that they wish to register for or documentation of their most recent academic achievement;
  • non-refundable application cost
  • copy of page 1 of the passport or identity document.

No one may be admitted as a candidate for a degree unless he or she has earned the NSC/NCV with an achievement rating of 4 or higher and meets the required appropriate level of APS Score subject achievement for that particular Qualification, the Matriculation Certificate of Higher Education South Africa (HESA), or a certificate of exemption from the Matriculation examination as approved by UMALUSI. Before being allowed to register, a prospective student might need to pass an admission exam. Alternatively, a student might need to complete additional coursework in specific fields.

Also recognized may be appropriate prior learning in a particular field of study. The Senate shall establish the standards for evaluating prior learning.

Always check the university’s official website for updates and get in touch with the admissions office if you have any questions.

Switch Board: +27 15 962 8000
Emergency Numbers Security Control Room
015 962 8603 / 8193 / 8120


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