University of South Africa Important Information

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University of South Africa Important Information

University of South Africa Important Information

Are you thinking about attending a university in South Africa? One of the top universities in the nation, the University of South Africa (UNISA) offers a variety of academic opportunities and programs to both domestic and foreign students. Here is a thorough summary of all you need to know about UNISA in order to help you get through the application process and make wise decisions.

Over 370 000 students from South Africa, Africa, and other countries can pursue their studies at Unisa, which provides a wide range of study subjects at certificate and degree levels. With 12.8% of all degrees awarded by South Africa’s 26 public universities and universities of technology, the university is regarded as the most productive* institution in the nation.

There is no denying that Unisa is the university making the biggest contributions to the change of the South African higher education scene given this, together with the fact that the university’s African student body has grown to the point where they are now the majority. The University of South Africa Important Information

Every year, students decide to continue their education at Unisa. Because Unisa is an open distance and e-learning institution, it gives its students the freedom to select when, where, and how they study. The university is now only a click away for the majority of Unisa students due to developing technology and access to internet resources, who may enroll, download course materials, and turn in assignments online. MyUnisa, the university’s online campus, gives students electronic access to academic and administrative services as well as the chance to interact with their professors and classmates.

Each year, students earn certificates, diplomas, degrees, and postgraduate credentials. As a result, Unisa produces more than 54 000 trained and qualified graduates each year to support the nation’s labor market. Most students at Unisa are undergraduates, but over 40 820 are enrolled for postgraduate degrees. 10 699 of these are graduate and doctoral students.

Each year, Unisa awards certificates, diplomas, and degrees to more than 54 000 students. As a result, the institution produces just over 54 000 trained and qualified graduates each year to support the labor market. African students and female students make up the majority of the institution’s student body in terms of ethnicity and gender. The majority of pupils range in age from 25 to 39.

The humanities, business and management, law and criminal justice, agriculture and environmental sciences, and science, engineering, and technology are only a few of the diverse study fields available at Unisa. Unisa provides an unmatched selection of study options thanks to its comprehensive character, spanning from short courses and certificate programs to three- and four-year degrees and diplomas, and doctorates.

You may make educated decisions and position yourself for a good academic experience by being aware of the essential information about the University of South Africa. Explore UNISA’s offers, get in touch with student support services, and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Contact Details

FAQs & General Student Queries

Tel: +27 (12) 429 3111



Tel: +27 (11) 471 2256


General Application & Registration Queries

Tel: +27 (12) 441 5888


Emergency Numbers

  • SAP Flying Squad: 10111
  • Campus Protection Services (CPS) 24-hour hotline: 021 650 2222/3
  • Student Health Services: 021 650 1017/1020
  • Ambulance: 999/10177


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