University of Fort Hare Tuition Fees

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University of Fort Hare Tuition Fees

University of Fort Hare Tuition Fees

Are you thinking about enrolling at the University of Fort Hare? It’s crucial to fully comprehend the tuition costs and associated expenses before choosing one of South Africa’s prestigious universities. In order to help you plan your academic path, we have provided you with extensive information on the University of Fort Hare’s tuition costs, payment choices, and scholarships.

University of Fort Hare Tuition Fees

Before any student is permitted to register at the University, the University requires such a student to make a Minimum Initial Payment (MIP) towards


A non-refundable fee of R120-00 on or before 31st October.
Late Applications are not accepted.
Acceptance of accommodation of R1000-00 before 31st December

Settlement of outstanding accounts

The balance owing after the payment of the minimal initial payment (MIP) must be settled as follows:

  1. By the end of the first quarter (lectures end)
  2. By the end of the second quarter (lectures end)
  3. By the end of the third quarter (lectures end)

Average Cost of Study – Alice Campus (cost excludes application fees, handouts, books, and foreign levy.)

Average Cost of Study – East London Campus (cost excludes application fees, handouts, books and foreign levy.)

Average Postgraduate fees for all campuses.

Postgraduate diplomas: R27 143

Honours: R18 620

Masters: R 18 620

PhD: R 15 015

Masters of Public Administration: R27 060

NB. Meals are provided by a private company on a cash basis. Students should provide about R5 000 for books.


  • The University now provides financial aid to South African nationals who are academically capable and in need of assistance.
  • Financial aid applications must be submitted annually, and any awards are only valid for one academic year.
  • The National Student Financial Help Scheme (NSFAS), which provides funding for such financial help, conducts a means test to determine the amount of any grant.
  • The deadline for senior students to apply for financial aid is August 31, 2023, and the deadline for returning students is September 30, 2023.
  • The Financial Aid Office will only provide a first-year student with an application for financial assistance after receiving confirmation from the university that the student has been admitted or provisionally accepted for the 2024 academic year.
  • Only in the third term, after all, bursaries have been granted and disbursed into the student’s account, will the value of the NSFAS award be applied to the student’s fee account. In order to guarantee the lowest interest rates feasible, this is done.
  • Before any payment is made, students receiving NSFAS loans must submit an application form and a loan agreement.
  • Due to the limited NSFAS budget, the University’s Financial Aid Committee, which determines financial aid awards, must guarantee that as many students as possible are supported while also taking into account financial needs. Students are thus warned not to enroll with the expectation of receiving a full loan from NSFAS and that they may be forced to make a family contribution as decided by the Means Test.
  • It’s also crucial to remember that NSFAS offers a variety of financing opportunities every year. Here are just a few of the categories that are offered each year:

Contact Us:

Alice Campus
     Address: Ring Road, Alice, 5700
     Phone: 040 602 2011
Bhisho Campus
     Address: Independence Avenue, Bhisho, King Williams Town
     Phone: 040 608 3407
East London
    Address: 50 Church Street
     Phone: 043 704 7000

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