University of Fort Hare Supplier Database

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University of Fort Hare Supplier Database

University of Fort Hare Supplier Database

Fort Hare University is a renowned institution known for academic excellence and offers a supplier database that serves as a gateway to business opportunities within the university ecosystem. This article discusses the importance of the Fort Hare University Supplier Database, how suppliers access it, the benefits it provides, and best practices for maximizing its potential.



All current and potential suppliers will have an equal opportunity to submit quotes to the University for the supply of goods and services due to the supplier database. The UFH is forbidden from doing business with any vendors who are not listed in its approved vendor database. This supplier database is intended to support effective administration, adherence to the legal framework for supply chain management, and compliance with university procurement regulations.

Please find an official registration form that will help to create a supplier database in accordance with the legal framework for supply chain management attached. It is essential that suppliers carefully read the supplier registration form, fill it out completely, have an authorized Commissioner of Oaths commission their signature, and attach the necessary supporting evidence in accordance with the requirements indicated. If this isn’t done, the applicant won’t be eligible for registration.

Only original-signed documents need to be presented. Any modifications to the information supplied in the initial application form submitted must be reported to the university by a supplier listed on the UFH Supplier Database. Failure to do so may lead to the removal of the provider from the provider Database and/or the cancellation of contracts that have been awarded to the supplier due to misrepresentation.

In addition to any other actions the University may take against such a supplier, suppliers who provide false or fraudulent information in their application forms will be banned from tendering/bidding and removed from the Supplier Database. Additionally, the University maintains the right to sue the supplier if it suffers financial harm. The applicant must initial any changes or additions made. Tipp-ex and other correction fluids are not allowed, and using them will result in the applicant business’s non-registration.

The completed form must be submitted to the following addresses;
50 Church Street Procurement Office
4th Floor, office 416 Main Campus – Alice
East London 1st floor, Administration Building

Further inquiries may be directed to the Supply Chain Management office, via telephone at 043 704
7322 or email

Incomplete application forms shall not be considered for registration onto the Supplier Database.

The University of Fort Hare Supplier Database form

You can call or visit the school for more details about their Supplier Database

Contact Us:

Alice Campus
     Address: Ring Road, Alice, 5700
     Phone: 040 602 2011
Bhisho Campus
     Address: Independence Avenue, Bhisho, King Williams Town
     Phone: 040 608 3407
East London
    Address: 50 Church Street
     Phone: 043 704 7000

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