University of Fort Hare Social Work Masters

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University of Fort Hare Social Work Masters

University of Fort Hare Social Work Masters

The field of social work plays an important role in promoting positive change in communities and addressing various social challenges. If you want to make a lasting impact on people’s lives and create a more just society, Fort Hare’s MSc in Social Work is a great option. This article discusses program highlights, curriculum, career prospects, and admission requirements, and provides a comprehensive overview of this prestigious academic program.

Social Work & Development

The Department of Social Work and Social Development offers the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Master of Social Work (dissertation only)
  • Doctoral Degree (thesis)

Social Work is a four-year compulsory subject of a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Degrees in Social Work are offered on both East London and Alice University campuses. Students can also pursue Master’s degrees (dissertation only) and Ph.D.

The Department of Social Work and Social Development offers Masters’s degrees by dissertation on both the Alice and East London campuses. Research topics are chosen in consultation with the Head of the Department and are subject to the approval of the Faculty Research and Higher Degrees Committee.
SWK600/600E Research only
SWK 900/900 E     Thesis only

The Department of Social Work and Social Development are currently offering Masters’s Degree by dissertation only in various area of specialization: child welfare; probation services; gender studies; HIV/Aids; criminal justice system; employee wellness assistant program and others.

Post Graduate Studies

Master of Social Work (SWK 600)
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The University of Fort Hare’s Social Work Masters program offers aspiring social workers a great opportunity to get the knowledge, abilities, and experiences necessary to significantly impact society. This program equips graduates for fulfilling careers in social work with a thorough curriculum, hands-on experiences, and a dedication to social justice. Accept the chance to expand your horizons and become a member of the prestigious community of change-makers at the University of Fort Hare.

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