University of Fort Hare Registrar

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University of Fort Hare Registrar

University of Fort Hare Registrar

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar performs the essential roles of supporting, facilitating, and promoting the academic mission of the University of Fort Hare by connecting students to the faculty, curriculum, and classroom on a continuum of services from enrolment to graduation. We are charged with the responsibility of ensuring adherence to academic policy, preserving academic integrity, and maintaining the integrity of the official academic record of student achievement.
The Office strives for excellence in the areas of student admissions, registration, examinations, student records, and the University Secretariat. The Office of the University Registrar consistently provides these services in collaboration with other University units within the Faculties, Division of Marketing & Communication (DMC), Finance, and Student Affairs. As the University of Fort Hare dedicates itself to high-quality education, the Office of the University Registrar pledges its resources to help the University achieve its goals and ambitions.
The mission of the Office of the University Registrar is to support the academic program and infrastructure aspirations of Fort Hare, as stated in the SP2000 document and the IOP, using the best possible practices.
Professor Mncedisi Michael Somniso
E-mail address:
Executive  Secretary to the University Registrar
+27 40 602 Registrar’s Office
Alice 2501 (Office number)
+27 40 602 2577 (Fax number)
+27 86 6212744 (I fax number)
Deputy Registrar:
Academic Administration Dr. R Masha
The primary mission of the Deputy Registrar’s Office is to provide the Office of the University Registrar with the necessary support and to facilitate the academic experience of students enrolled in the University, from the time of registration through to graduation.
The Office of the Deputy Registrar is responsible for the following activities:

  • Provides leadership and strategic direction in issues relating to the academic administrative operational areas of admissions, registration, examinations, and graduation;
  • Responsible for keeping all student records (past and present) and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of such records;
  • Helps to enforce and implement academic and administrative policies;
  • Provides assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the University community;
  • Motivates all personnel from the Student Administration and Examination Section to strive for excellence in the pursuance of their personal and units objectives;
  • Supports the Registrar’s Office in striving for excellence in academic administration through the research and possible implementation of “best practice” principles.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Office of the Deputy Registrar
The Office of the Deputy Registrar also supports the Office of the Registrar in the following activities: maintenance and publication of curricula; class and examination timetabling; new student registration; module enrolment; examination administration; and issue of official academic transcripts and degree scrolls.
Deputy Registrar: Governance and Legal Services
The Deputy Registrar of Governance and Legal Services operates under the University Registrar’s Division and is responsible to the Registrar for the following activities:

  1. Provide leadership and strategic direction for all matters relating to corporate governance including related policies and compliance with the Higher Education legislation,  policies, rules & regulations;
  2. Provide high-level coordination of Secretarial Services to the Council, Senate, Executive Management, Institutional Forum, Committees for Council & Senate, Convocation as well as ad hoc meetings related to the aforementioned bodies, and other ad hoc meetings;
  3.  Legal support on matters concerning the governance of the University, and updating the legislative framework as appropriate;
  4. Policy development, implementation, and monitoring; and

Provide leadership and strategic guidance to the Committee Section and Postal and Registry Unit on record keeping, finance, and human resources administration.

Deputy Registrar
Tel: (043) 704 7081/(040) 602 2476
The Governance for South African higher education is formally constituted in the Higher Education Act of 1997, Act 101 of 1997 (as amended).  The current South African higher education policy frameworks which inform and augment the legislation provide for a model of cooperative governance which defines the roles and responsibilities of the Council, Senate, and the Institutional Forum as structures that are accountable for governance in the public higher education sector.  In accordance with Section 32 of the Higher Education Act, the University of Fort Hare has an Institutional Statute that has been approved and published by the Minister of Education, which clearly amplifies the Act on the functions and composition of the three structures as well as the election and appointment of University officers.

In terms of the South African higher education policy framework, the functions of these three structures are underpinned by the dual principles of institutional autonomy and academic freedom while they remain accountable to the State and the interest of the public.  The primary accountability for governance is shared between lay members of the Council, acting as trustees in the public interest, and professional academics in Senate, who are responsible for teaching, learning, research, and other key academic activities. The Institutional Forum, a statutory advisory committee to Council, is concerned with advising Council on issues affecting the institution (CHE Research Report on Governance in South African Higher Education, May 2002).

Governance: Mr. M. Popo
Tel: 043 704 8600
Committees Section
The Committee Section of the University of Fort Hare operates under the Registrar’s Division and directly reports to the Director Governance Office, which generally manages and administers governance processes.  The Committee Section provides administrative support to Council and Senate as well as sub-committees of Council and Senate.

To provide administrative and secretarial services to the University Committees efficiently and effectively
The Committee Section seeks to provide and improve:

  • accurate, effective, and efficient secretarial services
  • advisory service to the decision-making structures of the University for continuity purposes.
  • support and advice to the chair and committee members on matters directly relating to the management of the Committee business
  • formal communication with regard to decisions approved by the relevant structures

The Committee Officers, in discharging their duties, operate with even-handedness and their role is to facilitate the work of the committee.  Each committee is supported by a Committee Officer.  The responsibility of Committee Officers is to:

  • Brief, advise and support the chairperson of the Committee on matters relating to the business of the committee.
  • Advise the chair and committee members on procedural matters in order for the Committee to function effectively in accordance with the Statute and terms of reference approved by statutory bodies.
  • Schedule meetings of committees in advance.  For special and Ad hoc meetings once the date and time have been confirmed.
  • Coordination of the compilation and distribution of agendas, reports, and minutes of the committee
  • Meetings

Finance (CC)
Executive Committee of Council (EXCO)
Executive Management Team (EMT)
EXCO, Senate, SENEX, Honorary Council, Language Committee, Community Engagement, Central Academic Planning Senate, Teaching and Learning
Research and Development, Management and SRC, Deans Forum, Ethics, Internationalization, Library Council, HR, Naming Committee
Institutional Quality Assurance, Support Service QA Committee, Academic Promotions, and Professorial Committee, HIV/AIDS Institutional Coordinating Committee, Audit, Finance, ICT Governance

Committees Section Contact details:
Ms. Pumla Nyawombi (Manager of Committee Services)
Contact Details
Phone:  040 602 2046
e-Fax:  086 628 2759
Ms. Pumla Sotyato    (Senior Committee Officer, Committee Services)
Phone:  040 6022502
e-Fax:  0866282551
Mr. Leon Mhleli Mnqayi   (Committee Officer, Committee services )
Phone:  040 602 2009
Fax: 0866257939
Ms Nomthandazo Dlokweni
Phone:  043 704 7364
e-Fax:  086 624 8929


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