University of Fort Hare Qualifications Faculty of Education

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University of Fort Hare Qualifications Faculty of Education

University of Fort Hare Qualifications Faculty of Education

Qualifications in the Faculty of Education at the University of Fort Hare

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through education? Then the School of Education at the prestigious Fort Hare University is the place for you. With a rich history of producing outstanding educators, the faculty offers a wide range of qualifications aimed at equipping aspiring teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the field of education.

Bachelor of Education | Intermediate Phase Teaching (B Ed IPT)
Minimum Requirements
Two languages did at Matric level and should be at level 4, Mathematics  at level 4 or Mathematics literacy level 5
NQF Level  7
Credits       480
Faculty of Education
Duration (years):
Degree Code:

Postgraduate: Honours

Only with the approval of the appropriate Head of Department may a student be admitted to the Honors program in a particular subject. A student will typically be admitted to an honors program in a topic if they received an average grade of 60% in all of the prerequisite modules during their last undergraduate year.

The following options, which require the agreement of the Faculty Board and require contact with the relevant department head, are available for earning the degree:

B Ed (Honours)

Masters: Normally a learner shall not be admitted to the Master’s qualification unless he/she has obtained an aggregate of at least 60% for the Honours degree at the first attempt.

Master of Education:

Ph.D. in Education:

Qualifications Offered
Description Abbreviation Qualification Code NQF Level & Credits Campus /

Site offered

Advanced Certificate in Education
Mathematics Education ACE (MathsEd) 50018 6/120 East London
Science Education ACE (ScEd) 50019 6/120 East London
Technology Education ACE (TechEd) 50020 6/120 East London
Mathematical Literacy (ML) ACE (FET/ML) 50027 6/120 East London
Life Orientation (LO) ACE (FET/LO) 50028 6/120 East London
School Leadership ACE

(School Leadership)

50041 6/128 East London
Mathematics ACE (Mathematics) 50042 6/120 East London
Postgraduate Certificate in


FET Band PGCE (FET) 52401 6/120 Alice
Foundation, Intermediate & Senior Phase (GET Band) PGCE (GET Band)  





East  London

National Professional Diploma in Education:
Foundation / Intermediate Phase NPDE (FP/IP) 50040 5/360 East London
Senior Phase NPDE (SP) 50038 5/360  

East London


FET Band

NPDE (FET Band)  





East London

Postgraduate Diploma:

in Higher Education and Training







Alice and

East London

Bachelor of Education
Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phase (GET Band) (Initial Training)  










East London

Foundation Phase and Intermediate  

B Ed (F&I)






East London


Senior Phase & FET Band (Mother Code – 50010)


B Ed (SP & FET)


50034; 50035; 50036; 50037





Bachelor of Education (Honours):
Mathematics & Science Education B Ed (Hons) 50501 7/120 Alice & EL
GET Band, Senior Phase & FET Band B Ed (Hons) 50023 7/120 Alice & EL
Master of Education:


By dissertation only M Ed 51000 8/240 Alice & EL
Coursework & Research M Ed 51001 8/240 Alice
Doctor of Philosophy:
Doctor of Philosophy PhD 51501 8/360 Alice & EL

Expand your educational opportunities with a degree from Fort Hare University’s Faculty of Education. Whether you want to teach in schools, become an educational administrator, or contribute to educational research and policy, programs offered by faculty equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make a positive impact on the lives of learners.

Contact Us:

Address all correspondence should be addressed to:

Manager: Faculty of Education, University of Fort Hare, Private Bag X1314, Alice 5700, South Africa
Tel: 040-602 2410/12 Fax: 040-602 2448
Faculty of Education, University of Fort Hare, Private Bag X 9083, East London 5200, South Africa
Tel: 043-7047186/7218 Fax: 043 704 7113

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