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University of Fort Hare Ict

University of Fort Hare Ict

Information & Communication Technology Services (ICT)

The ICT Operations portfolio is responsible for the daily management and administration of all ICT related entities on all three campuses. This operation generally covers any communication device or application which encompasses computer and network hardware, software, telephony, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning.
In adopting ITIL principles, ICT Operations aims to enable staff and students to achieve the high standards required to meet the challenges of the competitive world, and to pursue the strategic goals and objectives of the University Of Fort Hare.
Support for Staff & Students
Central to these objectives is the Service Desk which provides a single point of contact for all levels of computing and networking services available to UFH users.There are three “walk-in” Service Desks, one being in the Main Building in East London, one in the Great Hall in Alice and another in the Chemistry Building, also in Alice. The Service Desk can be contacted on the following numbers:
Tel: 040 602 2250 (Alice)
Tel: 040 608 5313 (Bisho)
Tel: 043 704 7010 (East london)
The email address is
The Service Desk aims to resolve 70% of all calls telephonically or by using Lync remote access software. Should this not be possible, your call will be escalated to a technician who will visit the user on site.
Standard working hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays.


This service provides students, staff and visitors with a unique username and password to access IT services for the duration of their time at the University. This includes advice on logging in, changing passwords and obtaining access to services
This service includes:
A unique username and password for all authorised users of University ICT services.
Liaising with business areas to determine rules governing identity management and access to ICT services
A process for the automatic creation of accounts and provisioning of access for University staff and students
A process for the creation of accounts for visitors
Processes for the disabling of accounts and of access to ICT services
Advice and troubleshooting of inquiries and issues relating to accounts and access to ICT services
Referral and escalation of access issues
Management of data between enterprise and identity systems based on defined business rules.
Managing authentication systems to ensure data and service access is appropriate for business requirements
This service does not apply to:
Access to Blackboard
Access to other specialised software managed by departments


This service provides support for hardware and other peripheral devices for the duration of the lifecycle of the device, provided the equipment is on the University’s asset register. The service is for staff, students and visitors
This service includes:
Determining the hardware requirements of users and managing the procurement process with preferred suppliers
Installation and maintenance of hardware, software and operating systems on desktop, laptop and other mobile devices
Installation of peripheral devices
Software and hardware upgrades
Virus checking and patch management
Management of a standard operating environment for all teaching facilities and laboratories
Diagnosis and logging of incidents or problems for all users and equipment
This service is not available for:
Personally owned computers or devices
Computers that do not comply with the standard operating environment of the University
Computers or devices that are not in the catalogue of standard university hardware
Any equipment that is not the property of the University of Fort Hare


This service provides individual and group email services and includes spam and virus filtering. The service is available for all staff and students.
This service includes:
The automatic creation of mailboxes for all users on the UFH domain
The setup of Outlook Mailboxes for staff on their desktop and\or mobile devices
The provision of Webmail Mailboxes for students and staff
Quota allocations for students and staff
The creation of mailing lists for academic and administrative purposes


This service provides all staff and students with Internet access and includes web filtering consistent with the University’s security policy.
This service includes:
Access to the internet from all three campuses
Troubleshooting by Service Desk Analysts for staff and students for issues related to web browsing and proxy configurations
Tracking of internet usage
A process for users to apply for exceptions to web filtering content
Monitoring and managing bandwidth
Managing and maintaining all infrastructure necessary to deliver the service


This service provides staff, students and groups with secure storage space for electronic data
This service includes:
Provisioning of individual and group file storage with applicable quotas
A process for creating group file storage and sharing by request
A process of safely archiving all the University’s intellectual property
Server based virus scanning
Capacity and usage monitoring


This service provides a secure wireless network on all three campuses and enables authorised users to connect to the university network from local and remote locations using VPN and EduRoam
This service includes:
Advice on wireless configuration
Provisioning of EduRoam access
Troubleshooting and connectivity issues escalated from the Service Desk
Managing wireless and authentication infrastructure across all campuses
Support for student residences in Alice and East London
This service is not available to:
Devices that do not comply with the standard operating environment of the University
Unauthorised users who are not associated with the University


This service provides telephone services for internal and external calls and supporting services such as voicemail
The service includes:
Switchboard Services
Infrastructure maintenance and upgrade
Cabling to desks and wall points
Procurement of hand sets
Configuration of hand sets
Changes to support movement of staff in the workplace
Allocation of Security Pin numbers to all authorised users
Changing and re-setting of telephone pin numbers when necessary
A process assigning departmental budget allocations to individual users
A process providing monthly departmental telephone costs
Setting up Tele-Conferences on request


This service provides access to ITS for staff and students through various portals, for the purpose of management and administration of all financial, academic and personnel data
The service includes:
A process for creating new user accounts with the appropriate authorisation
A process for modifying access options with the appropriate authorisation
Keeping records of such changes
Resolve user problems where possible or escalate to ITS if necessary
Identify areas of training
Ensure system maintenance processes occur regularly
Notify users of downtime


This service provides for the maintenance and upgrade of all technical equipment and ensures a standard operating environment for all teaching facilities and laboratories
The service includes:
Creating and deploying standard laboratory images to all open access laboratories, teaching venues and some dedicated departmental laboratories
Maintaining all hardware in these venues including data projectors, microphones, presentations systems, pc’s and or laptops
Maintaining the network infrastructure in these venues
Assisting UFH users and visitors with setting up equipment if necessary
This service does not include issues related to:
Air conditioning
Venue set up
Provision of remote control devices or batteries
Security of venues
Booking of venues


This service provides the technology which enables people in two or more locations to communicate simultaneously via video and audio transmissions
The service includes:
Maintenance of all units on the UFH campus
Maintenance of the infrastructure supporting the units
Installation of Microsoft Lync which enables real-time presence between any number of compatible devices
Assistance with setting up video conference sessions if necessary
The service does not include:
Booking of venues
Setting up venues


Web Development Services
This service provides multifaceted functionality for everyday use on the WWW or intranet including SharePoint
The service includes:
Configuration and maintenance of the Web Server
Maintenance and updating the UFH internet and intranet sites
Ensuring the security of the site
Managing access and security to Share Point services
This service does not include:
Content development
Graphic and Web design


This service provides a single point of contact for all queries, incident requests or problems relating to Information, Communication and Technology
The service includes:
Logging and prioritising all requests made via telephone, email or personally
Assigning the requests to the appropriate consultant
Escalating service or incident requests when necessary
Liaising between consultant and user on status of request
Liaising with third party suppliers
Advising all users on the UFH domain of service disruptions
Ensuring all software licensing is current
Maintaining the departmental Service Catalogue
Resetting of password or pin numbers for both staff and students
Creating new user accounts for students
Creating staff and students cards
Configuring staff and student wireless access


This service provides for the maintenance, development and expansion of the university network on which all ICT services depend
The service includes:
Maintenance and upgrade of all servers and services listed below:
Directory Services
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Electronic Mail
Network File System
Web Hosting
Simple Network Management Protocol
Installation and Maintenance of all Wireless Access Points on all three campuses
Network Design and Development