University of Fort Hare Grading Scale

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University of Fort Hare Grading Scale

University of Fort Hare Grading Scale; Fort Hare Requirements For Teaching

The University of Fort Hare (UFH) is a public institution in South Africa that uses a 100-point grading scale to evaluate student achievement in its many academic programs. The UFH grading scale is created to assess student knowledge and skills based on their performance in coursework, tests, and other assessments.

This grading scheme uses a percentage scale from 0 to 100 to determine grades. With A being the highest attainable grade and F being the lowest, each letter grade is assigned a specified range of percentage points. Each student’s grade point average (GPA) is also computed depending on their performance in each subject.

Many colleges all around the globe utilize the UFH grading scale since it is a universally recognized methodology. It is intended to provide an objective and unbiased assessment of students’ performance in a variety of courses and activities. It helps professors and advisors spot areas where students might need more support or direction while enabling students to comprehend their academic progress. University of Fort Hare Grading Scale

It’s important to keep in mind that grading scales at UFH can vary significantly based on the faculty or department, so students should speak with their instructors or academic advisors to be sure they comprehend the grading system for their particular courses. University of Fort Hare Grading Scale

Admission Requirements


• Minimum of level 4 in English 1st Additional Language or

• Minimum of level 3 in English Home Language.

• Minimum of Level 4 or better in four 20-credit subjects from the designated list, excluding Life Orientation.





Bachelors degree

Pass NSC with an achievement rating of 4

(50-59%) or more in 4 (four) subjects

Diploma Pass NSC with an achieving rating of 3

(40-49% )or more in 4 (four) subjects




Applicants who meet the criteria in bullets 1 through 3 above and are mature age (turning 23 during the year of registration) are eligible for admission to mainstream programs. They must submit an application to HESA for conditional exemption.

Fort Hare Requirements For Teaching

Designated Subjects

Accounting Languages
Agricultural science Life science
Business Studies Mathematics of Mathematical Literacy
Dramatic Arts Music
Economics Physical Sciences
Engineering Graphics

and Design

Religious Studies
Geography Visual Arts
History Consumer Studies
Information Technology  



Applicants who wish to enroll in a degree program need to ensure that four of their seven subjects are from the designated list.


Senior Certificate (pre-2008)

A minimal degree of skill in the English language is required of candidates. On SG, a passing grade of at least an E is regarded as sufficient. Additionally, a passing grade of at least an F on the HG English 1st language exam is regarded as acceptable.

A Matriculation Exemption or Further Education and Training Certificate.

A standard qualification to study for a degree is a Matriculation endorsement or equivalent.


CN                          SC


S Symbol achieved in

Grade 12 subjects

Grade of Grade 12 subjects
A 8 6
B 7 5
C 6 4
D 5 3
E 4 2
F 31  



 How to calculate your minimum admission point score (APS)


7 80-89 8 90-99
6 79-79 7 80-89
5 60-69 6 79-79
4 50-59 5 60-69
3 40-49 4 50-59
2 30-39 3 40-49
10 -290 2 30-39



For admission to a bachelor’s degree program, all applicants with non-South African school diplomas must submit a certificate of exemption from the Matriculation Board of South Africa. For more details regarding the Matriculation Exemptions please visit the Matriculation Board website on

In addition, upon submission of the following, the University of Fort Hare will apply to the Matriculation Board on behalf of the applicant:

  • Form M30E (also available from the matriculation board website); Copies of educational qualification (certified at the University); Copy of Passport or birth certificate (certified at the University);
  • Exemption application fee charged at R400.00 (payable at the University); and
  • Sworn English translation of documents required where applicable.

Fort Hare Requirements For Teaching


All applicants with non-South African qualifications are required to have their qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). For more information regarding the evaluation of qualifications please visit the SAQA website:

Student Selection and admissions process

  • The Students Registration Office mails or contacts students with application forms.
  • These are filled out, submitted, and sorted by faculty at the Students Registration Office.
  • The committee for selecting faculty, which consists of the Deputy Dean for Teaching and Learning, the Faculty Manager, the HODs, and the Administrators, then meets.
  • The Swedish point system is used to determine admission based on merit. In chronological order, high scores come first.

You can call or visit the school for more details about their Grading Scale

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