University of Fort Hare Geology Department

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University of Fort Hare Geology Department

University of Fort Hare Geology Department

The Geology Department at the University of Fort Hare is one of the departments under the Faculty of Science and Agriculture. The department provides numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs in geology and related fields.

The undergraduate program in Geology is created to provide students firm grounding in the fundamental concepts of geology, including mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, structural geology, and sedimentology. The program also includes fieldwork assignments that give students practical experience doing geologic research.

The Geology Department provides a Master of Science (MSc) degree and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program for postgraduate study. These courses are intended to prepare students for employment in academia, business, or government by giving them advanced geology knowledge and abilities.

The University of Fort Hare’s Geology Department is home to a group of knowledgeable and committed professors who are actively involved in research in a variety of geological fields, including mineral exploration, groundwater management, environmental geology, and geohazards.

The University of Fort Hare’s Geology Department offers students a thorough education in geology and prepares them for professions in a variety of fields that demand a solid grasp of the Earth’s systems and processes.


As the undergraduate courses have been designed to include more practical geology, such as Geophysics, Geochemistry, Engineering and Economic geology, and Data Analysis, geology has grown in popularity at Fort Hare. At Fort Hare, geology students receive training through field trips and guided excursions to various regions of South Africa. All of the modules in applied geology, petrology, and the other foundational areas of the course make up undergraduate practical work. The B.Sc. Honours Geology course requires a lot of theoretical seminar work. Together with the practical projects, this enhances the student’s research skills and prepares them for a future in geology, enabling applicants to move forward with projects for the Masters’s Degree.


Geology Department

Scope of Research: At the University of Fort Hare (UFH) in Alice, a full-time postdoctoral job is open in the Geology Department of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture. An exceptional Ph.D. graduate will be given the opportunity to use the fellowship to gain research and innovation experience at a higher education institution while being mentored by renowned scholars. The chosen candidate must be capable of working both alone and collaboratively, and they must be able to generate at least three (3) high-quality manuscripts for publication in DHET-recognized high-impact factor journals.
The fellowship is given out on a competitive basis, taking into account the academic accomplishments, publishing outputs, and research potential of the applicants, in addition to the applicability of their prior work experience and skills. The fellowship is offered for a year and is renewable if the performance of the research output against established measures is sufficient.

Eligibility criteria are:

  • Full-time research at the University of Fort Hare is available to South Africans.
  • Must have completed a Ph.D. in a pertinent field within the last five years.
  • A successful applicant is not permitted to work a full-time salary job during the fellowship and must devote all of their time to it.
  • For the period of the fellowship, a chosen applicant must be able to move to the UFH.

Minimum requirements

  • Ph.D. in geology, geophysics, or a closely related field
  • The chosen candidate should have expertise in the related fields of petroleum geology and geophysics.
  • The candidate must show that they have relevant experience and a working knowledge of the most recent methods in petroleum geology and geophysics.
  • Ability to perform original research in many facets of petroleum geology and geophysics both individually and in teams.
  • A strong record of publications in the field(s) of petroleum geology and geophysics
  • speaks and writes English with ease

Preference will be given to:

  • South African citizens and permanent residence
  • Female candidates
  • Young and emerging scholar


  • conduct ground-breaking research in the area(s) of petroleum geology and geophysics.
  • Create academic articles that can be published in high-impact journals.
  • Create conference papers, then deliver them at conferences.
  • Give departmental postgraduate students advice on research.
  • aide in the creation of fresh notions and concepts for additional research.
  • Team members should collaborate with one another.

Value of the fellowship

The value of the fellowship is R300 000 per annum

Application details

Email application to Prof O Gwavava ( )

The following should be provided in one pdf file:

  • a two-page maximum cover letter highlighting your qualifications and pertinent experience
  • Complete your resume with a collection of research papers, conference presentations, and other scholarly output
  • certified copies of the Ph.D. degree certificate and full transcripts of all academic work
  • For foreign applicants, a certified copy of their passport or other form of identification
  • Contact information for two professors who have taught or overseen the candidate
  • A concise research proposal that follows the aforementioned call and is 2000–2500 words long (references included).

You can call or visit the school for more details about their Geology Department


Contact Us:

Alice Campus
     Address: Ring Road, Alice, 5700
     Phone: 040 602 2011
Bhisho Campus
     Address: Independence Avenue, Bhisho, King Williams Town
     Phone: 040 608 3407
East London
    Address: 50 Church Street
     Phone: 043 704 7000

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