University of Fort Hare Faculty of Theology

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University of Fort Hare Faculty of Theology

University of Fort Hare Faculty of Theology; Bachelor of Theology requirements

The University of Fort Hare’s (UFH) Faculty of Theology is committed to giving students a thorough education in theology and religious studies. The faculty provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs with the goal of preparing students for success in a range of careers in both the religious and non-religious sectors.

The programs offered by the faculty span a broad range of theological subjects, such as biblical studies, church history, ethics, pastoral care, and missiology. Additionally, the faculty offers classes on traditional African religion, giving students a broader comprehension of the religious and cultural customs of the continent.

The theology faculty at UFH is made up of knowledgeable and committed academics, many of them are authorities in their disciplines. The staff is dedicated to giving students a safe and interesting learning environment where they may interact with other viewpoints and hone their critical thinking abilities. University of Fort Hare Faculty of Theology

In summary, the UFH faculty of theology is regarded as a reliable source of information for students who want to work in ministry, academia, or other theological and religious-related disciplines. The faculty is a popular pick for students looking for a comprehensive theology education due to its dedication to academic achievement, community involvement, and practical training. Bachelor of theology requirements

Department of Theology

The following degrees are conferred:

  •                 Bachelor of Theology
  •                 Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
  •                 Master of Theology
  •                 Doctor of Theology

Career Opportunities in this field are as follows:

Religious Leader
Minister of Religion
Human Resource Manager
Legislator Policy Maker
Social Worker
Pastoral Counsellor
Development Practitioner
Community Developer


Postgraduate level: Bachelor of Theology Honours
A learner may be admitted as a candidate for the degree Bachelor of Theology (Honours) when s/he:

  1. has successfully completed the degree of Bachelor of Theology;
  2. has successfully completed the degree of Bachelor of Arts, or a BA in Theology, at this or another University with, at least, two majors in the field of theology;
  3. qualifies in terms of paragraph G.15 of the general rules for the honours degree.

Postgraduate level: Master of Theology
For details about the qualification for registration, duration of the program, and dissertation refer to the General Rules for the Masters’s degree

  1. The degree shall normally be conferred in the area of specialization followed by the learner for his/her honours degree. Under special circumstances, however, for example in studies of an interdisciplinary nature, this does not apply.
  2. A learner shall be admitted for the M Th degree if she/he has completed the degree of B Th (Hons) at this University or obtained the equivalent status

Postgraduate level: Doctor of Theology

  1. The General Rules are applicable for admission to the D Th degree.
  2. The doctoral program consists of a full-length thesis, completed under competent supervision.


Alice Campus

Name Telephone Number Email
Rev. L. J Bookholane Head of Department and Senior Lecturer 040 602 2571
Prof I G Chetty Associate Professor 040 602 2622
R de W Oosthuizen Senior Lecturer 040 602 2598
Mrs N Cwaba-Jaza Administrator 040 602 2564

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