University of Fort Hare Development Studies

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University of Fort Hare Development Studies

University of Fort Hare Development Studies

The University of Fort Hare is a leader in equipping people with the knowledge and abilities necessary to promote positive change and contribute to sustainable development. The university’s Development Studies program is only one such initiative that exemplifies this ambition. Through this interdisciplinary program, students are able to become change agents in their communities and beyond by gaining a thorough awareness of the complicated challenges surrounding development.

UFH Development Studies

They may be found at the Alice campus in Henderson Hall, one of the structures with a view of Freedom Square’s historic center. The Department of Development Studies’ main areas of interest are postgraduate teaching and training, as well as research and development support initiatives created to address the issues encountered by developing nations, particularly those in southern Africa. One of the top departments at the University of Fort Hare’s Faculty of Management and Commerce, the Department is focused on the study of development as a socialization process.

A whole variety of post-graduate degrees, including a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) based on coursework and a research project, a Masters of Commence based on a dissertation, and a PhD based on a thesis, are offered by the Department of Development Studies. The department also provides undergraduate courses for social science-based undergraduate programs.

Why study Development Studies at UFH?

When former colonies gained their independence, the discipline of study known as “development studies” first arose. Those interested in the process had to research several established disciplines, including economics, political science, anthropology, sociology, geography, as well as the health sciences, in order to understand a successful transition from colony to self-sufficient country. Because it combines components of all these disciplines and more, we refer to the field of study of development studies as transdisciplinary. Because they already have a foundation in one or more of these linked fields, those who study development studies frequently do it at the postgraduate level.

Understanding how social, political, economic, and ecological change affects our capacity to lower levels of poverty and inequality, to grant people with dignity and the capacity to make informed decisions about their life, is a challenge for development studies. The field exposes academics and students to concepts, theories, ideas, practices, and principles that influence society, technology, culture, and the environment and equips them with the knowledge and skills to engage in meaningful dialogue with communities, citizens, politicians, decision-makers, and movements using concepts and theories.

Research and the capacity to confront the outside world with compelling evidence are the foundations of development studies. Every assertion they make must be supported by study results. However, they do so with a human-centered perspective in mind when they conceive conceptually, do research, and involve the community.

What to do with a degree in Development Studies

Graduates in development studies have a variety of career options, particularly in international organizations like the United Nations or the World Health Organization; government departments that are responsible for development (from the Department of Social Development to the Treasury, from national departments to provincial and local governments; non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), trade unions, or social movements; media companies; the corporate sector; and

Research officers, development planners, social impact assessors, rural extension agents, development consultants, development officers, company social responsibility officers, diplomats and representatives of foreign missions, policymakers, educators, representatives of trade unions, and human rights activists are just a few of the job titles.

Master of Commerce in Development Studies

Faculty of Management and Commerce
Duration (years): 3
Degree Code:

You can call or visit the school for more details about their Development Studies

Students are better equipped to handle complex problems and contribute to sustainable and inclusive development by developing a strong understanding of development theories, processes, and challenges. At the University of Fort Hare, begin your studies in development studies so that you can spur on constructive change.

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