University of Fort Hare Department of Nursing Science

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University of Fort Hare Department of Nursing Science

University of Fort Hare Department of Nursing Science

Nursing Science:

The oldest department in the faculty since 1983 with undergraduate degrees such as B Cur and B Cur I et A, postgraduate diploma in Clinical Management of HIV/AIDS, Master with specialties in community health, intensive care, Midwifery, Health Management & Nursing education, and Psychiatric Nursing, a pre-doctoral program and a Ph.D. The department started with 4 B Cur students being situated in Cecilia Makiwane Hospital later moved to All Saints in Bisho and no 45 Commercial Road in East London. It joined the East London campus community in 2011 to occupy its teaching space in the new Teaching and Learning Centre.

Bachelor of Nursing

With the aim of quality and continuous improvement, there is a need for trained health workers with highly developed analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills who can use evidence-based practice to evaluate nursing practice. Every community and nation needs nurses, and the profession in South Africa has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, competence, and the thoroughness of the training it offers.
In order for the profession to advance, it must be founded on solid research, which necessitates that professional nurses be capable of conducting research, documenting findings, and establishing quality standards. The emphasis on nursing’s intellectual features will enable professional nurses to examine new findings and nursing care methods, which they will be able to track and assess.

The rationale for the qualification:

A registered professional nurse who is clinically focused, service-oriented, and autonomous will be able to provide comprehensive care across all health realms with the help of this qualification, as established by the relevant legal framework. According to the definition given in this context, comprehensive nursing is described as “Nursing interventions that integrate and apply the scientific process of the full range of nursing that is general, community, obstetric, and mental health that promotes and maintains the health status of health care delivery.” The qualified learner will also use research that is supported by evidence to advance nursing practice.
Admission and selection requirements:

New National Senior Certificate (NSC) Entrance Requirements: The 4 NSC subjects required at level 4 must satisfy the following Faculty-specific requirements


Qualification Degree Codes Subject Requirements Level of Achievement Total Points Credits
B Nursing 84035 English 4 (50-59%) 20
Mathematics or 4 (50-59%) 20
Mathematical Literacy 5 (60-69%) 20
Physical Science 4 (50-59%) 20
Life Sciences 4 (50-59%) 28/29 20
Life Orientation 4 (50-59%) 10
Any other two subjects from 4 (50-59%) 20
the designated list 4 (50-59%) 20

Minimum entrance requirements (Matric written before 2008) for Bachelor of Nursing programs are as follows:

      Science or Stats
B Nursing Science 32 E(SG) Double points value for Maths and of either Biology or Physical Science

Determination of Selection Rating

Use the following table to determine the Selection (Swedish) Rating:

Matriculation symbol A B c D E F
Points rating            
HG 8 7 6





5 4 3
SG 6 5 4 3 2 1


Legal Requirements:

In terms of current relevant legislation:

  • Students are required to be registered with the University as well as the SANC as students for the duration of the period of learning
  • SANC registration is paid for by the university
  • Students must have access to clinical facilities of health service providers accredited by the relevant ETQA or ETQA that has a memorandum of understanding in place with the relevant ETQA for the practical component.
  • Clinical training shall be done in general and midwifery hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, communities, and community health service facilities in the Eastern Cape Province.
  • Clinical and work-based experiences must comply with the current regulations of the SANC.

Duration of the degree: 4 years

Master in Nursing Science

Admission requirements:
Candidates for the Master of Nursing degree must hold the following qualifications unless the Senate otherwise determines: a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing (NQF level 8) from a university; an honors degree in nursing following a three-year bachelor’s degree at the university; registration with the South African Nursing Council as a professional nurse; and, for international students, compliance with the SAQA, SANC, and SAQA requirements of having a dual registration; A statement of intent in a succinct preliminary research proposal must be included with an application for a master’s degree by completing the dissertation.

Duration of the Programme

  •   Full-time: Not less than two consecutive semesters (1 year) and not more than six consecutive semesters (3 Years)
  •   Part-time: Not less than four consecutive semesters (2 years) and not more than eight consecutive semesters (4 Years)


Qualification Code Name of Qualification Core module Module code Credits
84500 Master of Nursing Dissertation NMS700E 180 at National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 9

Description of Modules

NMS 700E      Master of Nursing (Dissertation)

Purpose: The degree program aims to equip postgraduate students in the field of Nursing with the necessary skills to conceptualize, plan, execute, and report on research in their area of interest.

Instruction: Supervised independent research by presenting a proposal, getting ethical clearance, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and report writing.

Credit value: 180

Assessment: The research report will be assessed by two external examiners

All correspondence is to be addressed to The Departmental administrator or Post Grad co-ordinator.

University of Fort Hare Department of Nursing Science
One of the six faculties at the University of Fort Hare, the faculty of health sciences is located on the East London campus. Five departments make up the Faculty of Health Sciences: Public Health, Natural Sciences, Human Movement, Rehabilitation Studies, and Nursing Science. The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to working in collaboration with important stakeholders to guarantee the provision of high-quality, comprehensive healthcare in a fair, efficient, and financially viable way that results in healthy and productive citizens.

Contact details:

Dr AP Okeyo Telephone no: 043 704 7585

Faculty of Health Sciences,
University of Fort Hare – East London Campus
Private Bag X9083

5 Oxford Street
East London


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