University of Fort Hare Campuses

University of Fort Hare Campuses

University of Fort Hare Campuses

Main Campus –Alice Campus

The main campus of the university of Fort Hare is situated in the fertile valley, some 120 kilometres due west of East London. It lies adjacent to Alice, a small town in rural setting and the capital of Nkonkobe Municipality. The Campus has over 8000 registered students, the majority of which lives in the small town and contributes considerably to the development of its economy.

Alice Campus

Tel.: 040-602 2016/ 2053/ 2122/ 2174

East London Campus

Tel.: 043-704 7155/ 7266/ 7004/ 7139

Fort Hare’s Bhisho Campus

The University’s Bhisho campus opened in 1990, during a very different time in the history of the town, the region and the country. The University was embracing democracy after years of apartheid domination. But Bhisho still fell under the Ciskei regime – and turbulent times were still to come with tragedies like the Bhisho Massacre. Today the campus looks firmly to the future, assisting Bhisho in its role as capital of the Eastern Cape. Visit the campus, and nearby landmarks like the Bhisho Massacre Memorial and the Steve Biko Centre in Ginsberg, King William’s Town.

Bisho Campus

P. O. Box 1153

Independance Avenue

Bhisho, King Williams Town

Tel: +27 (0)40 608 3407

Fax: +27 (0)40608 3408

East London Campus

The establishment of a strong, urban-based Campus in East London has become a reality. Currently, it has over 5000 students and is situated in the centre of the City of East London, between Fleet Street and the harbour. The ideal position of this campus is in the newest metropolitan city in South Africa lends itself to attracting a varied mix of students and staff and caters for long distance learning and part time students with programmes and courses that meet the need of vast students.

East London Campus

P. O. Box 7426,

50 Church Street

East London

Tel: +27 (0)43 704 7000

Fax: +27 (0)43 704 7095