University Of CT Medical School

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University Of CT Medical School

University Of CT Medical School

The Department of Medicine is a large academic and clinical department which plays a leading role in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and research. We provide clinical services to the communities of the Western Cape and, in the case of our highly specialized services, to patients throughout southern Africa. Based in Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH), the Department consists of 18 clinical divisions and 10 major research units, covering cardiology, aging, leukemia, lung infection, chronic diseases, porphyria, HIV, and Immunology.

We have a strong research ethic and a rising research output in both the basic and applied medical sciences. The staff provides clinical care to patients in our principal teaching hospital, Groote Schuur Hospital, and in its associated regional hospitals: Somerset Hospital and Victoria Hospital, as well as in the UCT Private Academic Hospital. The Department of Medicine at George Hospital is a satellite training unit of the department. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of internal medicine, including highly specialized areas such as renal, cardiac, and liver transplantation.

Applying to the M.D. Program

Academic Preparation

There isn’t a set pre-medical curriculum that must be followed. A strong foundation in mathematics, the basic sciences, social sciences, and humanities is advised for applicants. The applicant’s preparation should foster depth and rigor in areas of specific interest as well as breadth in the choice of courses studied. For non-science majors, survey courses in biology, chemistry, and physics do not fulfill the requirements for the core scientific courses. The beginning science course sequences necessary for students majoring in such subjects must be completed by applicants.

Please note that the School of Medicine Admissions Office must be informed of your request in order to properly examine your application if you are a dual degree applicant who also wishes to apply for the M.D. degree alone. To apply for the M.D. program, send an email to


The specific academic program requirements include:

Bachelor’s Degree

Completion of Required Undergraduate Courses:

  • Chemistry (2 years of college credit with lab with at least 1 semester being Organic Chemistry)
  • Physics (1 year of college credit with lab)
  • Biology or Zoology (1 year of college credit with lab)
  • English ( 1 year of college credit – courses in composition and literature are strongly recommended)

Medical College Admission Test Scores

The MCAT exam is given in January, and then March through September. Applicants are required to take the MCAT no later than the September exam preceding their expected date of matriculation. Applicants are required to sit for the exam within three years of application. Test registration materials may be obtained from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) website or:

MCAT Resource Center
2450 North Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202-828-0690

Application Process

AMCAS Application

The American Medical College Application Service, a division of the Association of American Medical Colleges, is a program in which the School of Medicine participates. By submitting a single application to the service in Washington, D.C., applicants can apply to participating institutions through a consolidated procedure that is administered by AMCAS.

After confirming the applicant’s academic history, AMCAS makes the application via their database available to the authorized medical schools.

Please take note that the school is unable to modify the application. Please refrain from contacting the school about the progress of your application verification. The school will get in touch with you by phone or email if you are chosen for an interview. The UConn School of Medicine’s AMCAS deadline is November 15.


Acceptances for the regular admissions cycle are given out on a rolling basis starting on October 15 and continuing all the way through the admissions cycle. The Committee on Admissions has final authority over all admissions decisions. While it is impossible to rank applicants on the alternate list numerically, every effort is taken to let them know where they are on the prioritized list and the chance that a position will open up by the start of classes.

Contact Us

Tel +27 21 650 3002
Undergraduate Admissions

Postgraduate Student Administration: Admissions Unit
For all master’s degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing applications:
Salega Tape
Tel: 021 406 6340
For all Postgraduate Diploma programs (excluding Nursing), honours programs, and doctoral programs:
Taryn-Lee Safers
Tel: 021 406 6028
Foreign doctors, registrar, and sub-specialty training:
Thobeka Mngaza
Tel: 021 404 7768
For general inquiries:
Tel 021 650 2516


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