University Of Cape Town Study Academic Calendar

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University Of Cape Town Study Academic Calendar

Wednesday, January 2Libraries re-open
Wednesday, January 2RAC Appeals due
Monday, January 7Summer School begins
Tuesday, January 8Executive Meeting
Thursday, January 10FHS RAC
Friday, January 11LAW RAC
Monday, January 14Makar Sankranti
Monday, January 14Supp & DE Exam day 1
Monday, January 14COM RAC
Tuesday, January 15Supp & DE Exam day 2
Tuesday, January 15FAAC
Tuesday, January 15Executive Meeting
Wednesday, January 16Supp & DE Exam day 3
Wednesday, January 16HUM RAC
Wednesday, January 16EBE RAC
Wednesday, January 16SCI RAC
Thursday, January 17Supp & DE Exam day 4
Thursday, January 17HUM RAC
Thursday, January 17FHS RAC
Thursday, January 17EBE RAC
Friday, January 18Supp & DE Exam day 5
Friday, January 18UCTRF Selection Sub-Cmt: Fund Auditors
Friday, January 18HUM RAC
Sunday, January 20ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, January 21Summer School week 3
Tuesday, January 22Executive Meeting
Wednesday, January 23PC01 2019
Friday, January 25Supp. & DE results due on system
Friday, January 25All Summer Term results due
Friday, January 25OPSMag
Friday, January 25PEC
Friday, January 25Deans meeting
Saturday, January 26Parents Orientation 1 (local)
Monday, January 28Residences open
Monday, January 28Parents Orientation 2 (out of Cape Town)
Monday, January 28Early orientation
Monday, January 28Executive Meeting
Monday, January 28URC (Special)
Tuesday, January 29Early orientation
Tuesday, January 29Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Tuesday, January 29LAW FEC
Tuesday, January 29HUM FEC
Tuesday, January 29EBE FEC
Wednesday, January 30Registration and Orientation
Wednesday, January 30NomCom
Thursday, January 31Registration and Orientation
Thursday, January 31SAC
Thursday, January 31PASS Forum
Thursday, January 31SSMAg
Thursday, January 31UCTRF S37C
Thursday, January 31LAW RAC
Thursday, January 31FHS RAC
Thursday, January 31EBE RAC
Thursday, January 31SCI RAC

Friday, February 1Registration and Orientation
Friday, February 1UHRC
Friday, February 1HUM RAC
Saturday, February 2Registration and Orientation
Sunday, February 3Registration and Orientation
Monday, February 4Registration
Monday, February 4IPAC
Monday, February 4SEC
Tuesday, February 5Registration
Tuesday, February 5Financial Operations Meeting
Tuesday, February 5Executive Meeting
Wednesday, February 6Registration
Wednesday, February 6ACC
Thursday, February 7Sax Appeal Day
Thursday, February 7UCTRF IC
Thursday, February 7IF (Induction)
Friday, February 8First Year Experience (FYE)
Friday, February 8PEC
Friday, February 8COM RAC
Monday, February 11Teaching day 1
Monday, February 11EEF
Tuesday, February 12Teaching day 2
Tuesday, February 12ICTUG
Tuesday, February 12Executive Meeting
Tuesday, February 12OESC
Wednesday, February 13Teaching day 3
Wednesday, February 13DCAM
Wednesday, February 13SC360
Wednesday, February 13SDC
Wednesday, February 13BfGS
Wednesday, February 13UCT Press Board
Thursday, February 14Teaching day 4
Thursday, February 14UICTC
Friday, February 15Council Exco
Friday, February 15Teaching day 5
Friday, February 15April Qualifiers on system
Monday, February 18Teaching day 6
Monday, February 18CRR
Monday, February 18AKCIA
Tuesday, February 19Teaching day 7
Tuesday, February 19Baxter Exco
Tuesday, February 19Executive Meeting
Wednesday, February 20Teaching day 8
Wednesday, February 20UCTRF Com Cmt
Wednesday, February 20CFASM
Wednesday, February 20PC02 2019
Thursday, February 21Teaching day 9
Thursday, February 21CHEC
Thursday, February 21UBDC
Thursday, February 21Council Rem Cmt
Thursday, February 21UCTRF Selection Sub-Cmt: Fund Auditors
Thursday, February 21URC
Friday, February 22Teaching day 10
Friday, February 22Deans meeting (extended)
Sunday, February 24ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, February 25Teaching day 11
Monday, February 25Educare Cmt
Monday, February 25AFC
Tuesday, February 26Teaching day 12
Tuesday, February 26EMWG
Tuesday, February 26Executive Meeting
Tuesday, February 26Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Tuesday, February 26SAEC
Tuesday, February 26LPC
Wednesday, February 27Teaching day 13
Wednesday, February 27UCTRF A&R
Wednesday, February 27SAC
Wednesday, February 27TAGSC
Thursday, February 28Purim
Thursday, February 28Teaching day 14
Thursday, February 28PPLC
Thursday, February 28PASS Forum
Thursday, February 28SSMAg
Thursday, February 28T&LC

Friday, March 1Teaching day 15
Friday, March 1UCTRF A&R
Monday, March 4Maha Shivaratri
Monday, March 4Teaching day 16
Monday, March 4SEC
Tuesday, March 5Teaching day 17
Tuesday, March 5FAAC
Tuesday, March 5UCT: Joint Council/Foundation Investment Cmt
Tuesday, March 5UCT: UFC
Tuesday, March 5Executive Meeting
Tuesday, March 5TETSC
Wednesday, March 6Teaching day 18
Wednesday, March 6Financial Operations Meeting
Wednesday, March 6WOAC
Wednesday, March 6USRC
Thursday, March 7Teaching day 19
Thursday, March 7UCTRF R&EB
Thursday, March 7OHF
Thursday, March 7RMC
Thursday, March 7DTA
Friday, March 8Science 1st Year Test day 1
Friday, March 8Teaching day 20
Friday, March 8UCTRF R&EB
Friday, March 8NOBC
Monday, March 11Science 1st Year Test day 2
Monday, March 11Teaching day 21
Monday, March 11UCTRF S37C
Monday, March 11IF
Monday, March 11DDB
Monday, March 11CHED Board
Tuesday, March 12Science 1st Year Test day 3
Tuesday, March 12Teaching day 22
Tuesday, March 12UDC
Tuesday, March 12Executive Meeting
Tuesday, March 12HUM Board
Tuesday, March 12FHS Board
Wednesday, March 13Teaching day 23
Wednesday, March 13Residences Forum
Wednesday, March 13QAC
Wednesday, March 13SCI Board
Wednesday, March 13UCT Press EXCO
Thursday, March 14Teaching day 24
Thursday, March 14UBDC
Thursday, March 14UCTRF S37C
Thursday, March 14EBE Board
Friday, March 15Teaching day 25
Friday, March 15OPSMag
Friday, March 15PEC
Friday, March 15Senate
Sunday, March 17ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, March 18Teaching day 26
Monday, March 18LWG
Tuesday, March 19Teaching day 27
Tuesday, March 19SC
Tuesday, March 19PPLC
Tuesday, March 19Executive Meeting
Tuesday, March 19UCTRF Selection Sub-Cmt: Fund Auditors
Tuesday, March 19USFC
Tuesday, March 19LAW Board
Tuesday, March 19E&AC
Wednesday, March 20Teaching day 28
Wednesday, March 20USAC
Wednesday, March 20Admissions Cmt
Wednesday, March 20PC03 2019
Wednesday, March 20IBC
Wednesday, March 20COM Board
Wednesday, March 20USAC
Thursday, March 21Purim
Friday, March 22Teaching day 29
Friday, March 22ERMC
Monday, March 25Teaching day 30
Monday, March 25OCC
Monday, March 25URC Sub-Cmt (selection)
Tuesday, March 26Teaching day 31
Tuesday, March 26Archives Advisory Cmt
Tuesday, March 26Executive Meeting
Tuesday, March 26Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Tuesday, March 26EiRC
Tuesday, March 26PSFC Sub cmt
Wednesday, March 27Teaching day 32
Wednesday, March 27Res Com
Wednesday, March 27PAAC
Wednesday, March 27Honorary Profs/Assoc Profs Selection Cmt
Wednesday, March 27DTA
Thursday, March 28Teaching day 33
Thursday, March 28UCTRF Trustees
Friday, March 29Teaching day 34
Friday, March 29Mid term grades on system
Friday, March 29Deans meeting
Saturday, March 30COUNCIL

Monday, April 1Teaching day 35
Monday, April 1SEC
Tuesday, April 2Teaching day 36
Tuesday, April 2SAC
Tuesday, April 2Baxter Board
Tuesday, April 2Executive Meeting
Tuesday, April 2HOD Dinner
Wednesday, April 3Teaching day 37
Wednesday, April 3OESC
Wednesday, April 3HOD workshop
Thursday, April 4Teaching day 38
Thursday, April 4ACC
Thursday, April 4RAAG: Executive Rev. Session
Thursday, April 4Executive Rev. Session: Deans
Thursday, April 4DTA
Friday, April 5NOBC
Friday, April 5Teaching day 39
Friday, April 5Executive Rev. Session: Leadership Lekgotla
Monday, April 8Teaching day 40
Monday, April 8UEC
Monday, April 8AKCIA
Tuesday, April 9Teaching day 41
Tuesday, April 9Financial Operations Meeting
Tuesday, April 9Executive Meeting
Tuesday, April 9T&LC
Wednesday, April 10Teaching day 42
Wednesday, April 10UCT Foundation: EY and UCT Fin. to present AFS and Audit Rpt
Wednesday, April 10SRV
Wednesday, April 10TAGSC
Thursday, April 11Teaching day 43
Thursday, April 11Grad day 1 (Evening)
Thursday, April 11USFC
Thursday, April 11CFASM
Thursday, April 11PASS Forum
Thursday, April 11SSMAg
Thursday, April 11UCTRF Trustees
Friday, April 12Teaching day 44
Friday, April 12Grad day 2 (Evening)
Friday, April 12PEC
Friday, April 12PSFC
Saturday, April 13Grad day 3
Monday, April 15Grad day 4
Monday, April 15Short vacation
Tuesday, April 16Grad day 5
Tuesday, April 16Short vacation
Tuesday, April 16FAAC
Tuesday, April 16URC Conf
Wednesday, April 17Grad day 6
Wednesday, April 17Short vacation
Wednesday, April 17UCT Foundation: Trustees
Wednesday, April 17UCT Foundation: AGM
Thursday, April 18Grad day 7
Thursday, April 18Short vacation
Thursday, April 18UBDC
Thursday, April 18UCTRF IC
Thursday, April 18Executive Meeting
Thursday, April 18VSFC
Saturday, April 20Pesach (start)
Tuesday, April 23Teaching day 45
Tuesday, April 23Admissions Cmt
Tuesday, April 23IF
Tuesday, April 23Executive Meeting
Tuesday, April 23Executive Meeting
Tuesday, April 23LPC
Tuesday, April 23RDMGC
Wednesday, April 24Teaching day 46
Wednesday, April 24NomCom
Wednesday, April 24PC04 2019
Wednesday, April 24URC
Thursday, April 25Teaching day 47
Thursday, April 25UCT Maths Competition
Thursday, April 25CHEC
Thursday, April 25Council Exco
Thursday, April 25PPLC
Thursday, April 25DDB
Thursday, April 25DTA
Friday, April 26Teaching day 48
Friday, April 26Deans meeting
Friday, April 26SRRC
Saturday, April 27Pesach (end)
Sunday, April 28ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, April 29Teaching day 49
Monday, April 29UHRC
Tuesday, April 30Teaching day 50
Tuesday, April 30Executive Meeting
Tuesday, April 30Executive Meeting
Tuesday, April 30Leadership Lekgotla Meeting

Thursday, May 2Teaching day 51
Thursday, May 2UCTRF Com Cmt
Thursday, May 2TETSC
Friday, May 3Teaching day 52
Friday, May 3ERMC
Friday, May 3UCT: UAC
Monday, May 6Teaching day 53
Monday, May 6Start of Ramadan (Fasting begins)
Monday, May 6COM Board
Monday, May 6SEC
Tuesday, May 7Teaching day 54
Tuesday, May 7SAC
Tuesday, May 7Financial Operations Meeting
Tuesday, May 7EMWG
Tuesday, May 7USFC
Tuesday, May 7TAGSC
Tuesday, May 7URC (Special)
Wednesday, May 8Teaching day 55
Wednesday, May 8Residences Forum
Wednesday, May 8DCAM
Wednesday, May 8RMC
Wednesday, May 8SCI Board
Wednesday, May 8UCT Press Board
Wednesday, May 8OESC
Thursday, May 9Teaching day 56
Thursday, May 9EEF
Thursday, May 9Baxter Exco
Thursday, May 9USF
Thursday, May 9EBE Board
Thursday, May 9E&AC
Thursday, May 9BAC
Friday, May 10Teaching day 57
Friday, May 10OPSMag
Friday, May 10PEC
Friday, May 10Senate
Sunday, May 12ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, May 13Teaching day 58
Monday, May 13CRR
Tuesday, May 14Teaching day 59
Tuesday, May 14UCT: Joint Council/Foundation Investment Cmt
Tuesday, May 14WOAC
Tuesday, May 14Executive Meeting
Tuesday, May 14QAC
Tuesday, May 14LAW Board
Tuesday, May 14T&LC
Wednesday, May 15Teaching day 60
Wednesday, May 15Lectures end
Wednesday, May 15IPAC
Wednesday, May 15SC
Wednesday, May 15SDC
Wednesday, May 15EiRC Workshop
Wednesday, May 15BfGS
Thursday, May 16UBDC
Thursday, May 16UCTRF S37C
Thursday, May 16USAC
Thursday, May 16URC Sub-Cmt
Thursday, May 16USRC
Thursday, May 16CHED Board
Monday, May 20AFC
Monday, May 20FYE Adv. Group
Monday, May 20PSFC Sub Cmt
Tuesday, May 21Executive Meeting
Tuesday, May 21UCTRF Financial Cmt
Tuesday, May 21SAEC
Tuesday, May 21FHS Board
Wednesday, May 22CONSOLIDATION
Wednesday, May 22Res Com
Wednesday, May 22LWG
Wednesday, May 22PC05 2019
Thursday, May 23Exam day 1
Thursday, May 23UCTRF A&R
Thursday, May 23OHF
Thursday, May 23PPLC
Thursday, May 23CWAC
Friday, May 24Exam day 2
Friday, May 24PSFC Sub cmt
Monday, May 27Exam day 3
Monday, May 27DDB
Tuesday, May 28Exam day 4
Tuesday, May 28Executive Meeting
Tuesday, May 28Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Wednesday, May 29Exam day 5
Wednesday, May 29Research Indaba
Wednesday, May 29HUM Board
Thursday, May 30Exam day 6
Friday, May 31Exam day 7
Friday, May 31UCT: Joint UAC/UFC
Friday, May 31UCTRF S37C
Friday, May 31Council Exco
Friday, May 31Deans meeting (extended)

Monday, June 3Exam day 8
Monday, June 3SC360
Monday, June 3SEC
Tuesday, June 4Exam free day for all students
Tuesday, June 4Eid Al Fitr
Tuesday, June 4FAAC
Tuesday, June 4Executive Meeting
Tuesday, June 4UCTRF Financial Cmt
Wednesday, June 5Eid Al Fitr
Wednesday, June 5Exam free day for all students
Wednesday, June 5Financial Operations Meeting
Wednesday, June 5UCTRF R&EB
Wednesday, June 5IBC
Thursday, June 6Exam day 9
Thursday, June 6Shavuot
Thursday, June 6No 17H00 exam session for students observing Shavuot
Friday, June 7Exam day 10
Friday, June 7Shavuot
Friday, June 7Exam free day for students observing Shavuot
Friday, June 7PEC
Saturday, June 8Shavuot
Sunday, June 9Shavuot
Monday, June 10Exam day 11
Monday, June 10Shavuot
Monday, June 10Exam free day for students observing Shavuot
Tuesday, June 11Exam day 12
Tuesday, June 11Executive Meeting
Wednesday, June 12Exam day 13
Thursday, June 13Exam day 14
Thursday, June 13PASS Forum
Thursday, June 13SSMAg
Thursday, June 13UCTRF S37C
Thursday, June 13Executive Rev. Session: Leadership Lekgotla
Friday, June 14Exam day 15
Saturday, June 15Vacation begins
Tuesday, June 18Vacation
Tuesday, June 18Winter Term day 1
Tuesday, June 18RDMGC
Wednesday, June 19Vacation
Wednesday, June 19Winter Term day 2
Wednesday, June 19Executive Meeting
Wednesday, June 19QAC
Thursday, June 20Vacation
Thursday, June 20Winter Term day 3
Thursday, June 20UBDC
Friday, June 21Vacation
Friday, June 21Winter Term day 4
Friday, June 21UCT: UFC
Friday, June 21Council Rem Cmt
Friday, June 21Deans meeting
Saturday, June 22COUNCIL
Sunday, June 23ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, June 24Vacation
Monday, June 24Winter Term day 5
Monday, June 24CHEC AGM
Tuesday, June 25Vacation
Tuesday, June 25Winter Term day 6
Tuesday, June 25Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Tuesday, June 25Executive Meeting
Wednesday, June 26Vacation
Wednesday, June 26Winter Term day 7
Thursday, June 27Vacation
Thursday, June 27Winter Term day 8
Thursday, June 27UCTRF Trustees
Thursday, June 27Baxter Board
Friday, June 28Mid-year results on system
Friday, June 28Vacation
Friday, June 28Winter Term day 9

Monday, July 1Vacation
Monday, July 1Winter Term day 10
Tuesday, July 2Vacation
Tuesday, July 2Winter Term day 11
Tuesday, July 2Financial Operations Meeting
Tuesday, July 2Executive Meeting
Wednesday, July 3Vacation
Wednesday, July 3Winter Term day 12
Thursday, July 4Vacation
Thursday, July 4Winter Term day 13
Thursday, July 4UCTRF Retirement Seminar
Thursday, July 4UCTRF Financial Cmt
Thursday, July 4HUM FEC
Friday, July 5Vacation
Friday, July 5Winter Term day 14
Friday, July 5OPSMag
Friday, July 5PEC
Monday, July 8Vacation
Monday, July 8Winter Term day 15
Tuesday, July 9Vacation
Tuesday, July 9Winter Term day 16
Tuesday, July 9Executive Meeting
Tuesday, July 9SCI FEC
Wednesday, July 10Vacation
Wednesday, July 10Winter Term day 17
Wednesday, July 10UCTRF Retirement Seminar
Wednesday, July 10LAW FEC
Wednesday, July 10HUM RAC
Thursday, July 11Vacation
Thursday, July 11Winter Term day 18
Thursday, July 11UCTRF IC
Thursday, July 11T&L Conference
Friday, July 12Vacation
Friday, July 12Winter Term day 19
Friday, July 12Graduation (GSB & PhDs only)
Friday, July 12COM RAC
Sunday, July 14Vacation ends
Monday, July 15Teaching day 1
Tuesday, July 16Teaching day 2
Tuesday, July 16Executive Meeting
Tuesday, July 16FHS Board
Wednesday, July 17Teaching day 3
Wednesday, July 17UCTRF Com Cmt
Wednesday, July 17NOMCOM
Wednesday, July 17LAW RAC
Thursday, July 18Teaching day 4
Thursday, July 18Winter Term Exam (Evening)
Thursday, July 18UCTRF S37C
Friday, July 19Teaching day 5
Friday, July 19FHS RAC (Provisional)
Sunday, July 21ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, July 22Teaching day 6
Monday, July 22FHS RAC (Provisional)
Tuesday, July 23Teaching day 7
Tuesday, July 23USFC
Tuesday, July 23Executive Meeting
Wednesday, July 24Teaching day 8
Wednesday, July 24PC06 2019
Wednesday, July 24BfGS
Thursday, July 25Teaching day 9
Thursday, July 25Winter Term results on system
Thursday, July 25UDC
Thursday, July 25PASS Forum
Thursday, July 25SSMAg
Thursday, July 25Council Exco
Thursday, July 25PPLC
Thursday, July 25OESC
Friday, July 26Teaching day 10
Friday, July 26Deans meeting
Monday, July 29Teaching day 11
Monday, July 29ICTUG
Tuesday, July 30Teaching day 12
Tuesday, July 30Executive Meeting
Tuesday, July 30LAW Board
Tuesday, July 30E&AC
Wednesday, July 31Teaching day 13
Wednesday, July 31SAC
Wednesday, July 31Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Wednesday, July 31College of Fellows

Thursday, August 1Teaching day 14
Thursday, August 1TAGSC
Friday, August 2Teaching day 15
Friday, August 2RMC
Monday, August 5Teaching day 16
Monday, August 5SEC
Tuesday, August 6Teaching day 17
Tuesday, August 6FAAC
Tuesday, August 6EEF
Tuesday, August 6Executive Meeting
Tuesday, August 6URC
Wednesday, August 7Teaching day 18
Wednesday, August 7Financial Operations Meeting
Wednesday, August 7TETSC
Thursday, August 8Teaching day 19
Thursday, August 8UCTRF A&R
Thursday, August 8HUM Board
Thursday, August 8BAC
Monday, August 12Teaching day 20
Monday, August 12Eid Al Adha
Monday, August 12IPAC
Monday, August 12HAC
Monday, August 12AKCIA
Tuesday, August 13Teaching day 21
Tuesday, August 13IF
Tuesday, August 13Executive Meeting
Tuesday, August 13USFC
Tuesday, August 13SCI Board
Wednesday, August 14Teaching day 22
Wednesday, August 14Residences Forum
Wednesday, August 14CFASM
Wednesday, August 14SDC
Wednesday, August 14UEC
Wednesday, August 14APC
Wednesday, August 14SAEC
Wednesday, August 14Admissions Cmt
Wednesday, August 14UCT Press Board
Wednesday, August 14UEC
Thursday, August 15Teaching day 23
Thursday, August 15UBDC
Thursday, August 15USAC
Thursday, August 15OHF
Thursday, August 15T&LC
Thursday, August 15CWAC
Friday, August 16Teaching day 24
Friday, August 16PEC
Friday, August 16NOBC
Sunday, August 18ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, August 19Teaching day 25
Monday, August 19UICTC
Monday, August 19Baxter Exco
Tuesday, August 20Teaching day 26
Tuesday, August 20UCT: Joint Council/Foundation Investment Cmt
Tuesday, August 20UCT: UFC
Tuesday, August 20CHED Board
Tuesday, August 20RDMGC
Wednesday, August 21Teaching day 27
Wednesday, August 21UHRC
Wednesday, August 21SC
Wednesday, August 21DCAM
Wednesday, August 21YRAC
Wednesday, August 21PC07 2019
Thursday, August 22Teaching day 28
Thursday, August 22ERMC
Thursday, August 22PPLC
Thursday, August 22UCTRF S37C
Thursday, August 22UCTRF S37C
Thursday, August 22TB Davie Memorial Lecture
Thursday, August 22EBE Board
Friday, August 23Sri Krishna Janmashtami
Friday, August 23Teaching day 29
Friday, August 23Council Exco
Friday, August 23DDB
Saturday, August 24Sri Krishna Janmashtami
Monday, August 26Vacation
Monday, August 26AFC
Tuesday, August 27Vacation
Tuesday, August 27EMWG
Tuesday, August 27Executive Meeting
Tuesday, August 27EiRC
Tuesday, August 27Faculty Merit Cmt
Tuesday, August 27COM Board
Tuesday, August 27Faculty Merit Cmt
Wednesday, August 28Vacation
Wednesday, August 28QAC
Wednesday, August 28Res Com
Wednesday, August 28Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Wednesday, August 282020 Budget Submissions Due
Wednesday, August 28QAC
Wednesday, August 28CRR
Wednesday, August 28Faculty Merit Cmt
Wednesday, August 28Faculty Merit Cmt
Thursday, August 29Vacation
Thursday, August 29CHEC
Thursday, August 29UCTRF R&EB
Thursday, August 29Faculty Merit Cmt
Thursday, August 29Faculty Merit Cmt
Friday, August 30Vacation
Friday, August 30Deans meeting (extended)
Friday, August 30Faculty Merit Cmt
Friday, August 30Faculty Merit Cmt

Monday, September 2Teaching day 30
Monday, September 2SEC
Tuesday, September 3Teaching day 31
Tuesday, September 3Financial Operations Meeting
Tuesday, September 3Executive Meeting
Tuesday, September 3College of Fellows
Tuesday, September 3Faculty Merit Cmt
Wednesday, September 4Teaching day 32
Wednesday, September 4SAC
Wednesday, September 4LWG
Wednesday, September 4PSFC
Wednesday, September 4PAAC
Wednesday, September 4Faculty Merit Cmt
Thursday, September 5Teaching day 33
Thursday, September 5PASS Forum
Thursday, September 5SSMAg
Thursday, September 5LPC
Thursday, September 5Faculty Merit Cmt
Friday, September 6Teaching day 34
Friday, September 6UCT: UAC
Friday, September 6USRC
Friday, September 6Faculty Merit Cmt
Monday, September 9Teaching day 35
Monday, September 9WOAC
Monday, September 9Faculty Merit Cmt
Tuesday, September 10Teaching day 36
Tuesday, September 10Executive Meeting
Tuesday, September 10IBC
Wednesday, September 11Teaching day 37
Wednesday, September 11UCTRF Trustees
Wednesday, September 11NOMCOM
Wednesday, September 11Faculty Merit Cmt
Thursday, September 12Teaching day 38
Thursday, September 12Faculty Merit Cmt
Friday, September 13Teaching day 39
Friday, September 13UCTRF Board of Trustees
Friday, September 13OPSMag
Friday, September 13Senate
Sunday, September 15ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, September 16Teaching day 40
Monday, September 16Executive Meeting
Monday, September 16Archives Advisory Cmt
Tuesday, September 17Teaching day 41
Tuesday, September 17Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Overview)
Tuesday, September 17FAAC
Tuesday, September 17PSFC Sub Cmt
Tuesday, September 17FHS Board
Wednesday, September 18Teaching day 42
Wednesday, September 18Council Rem Cmt
Wednesday, September 18Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Unit Review)
Wednesday, September 18ECC
Wednesday, September 18PC08 2019
Wednesday, September 18URC Sub-Cmt
Thursday, September 19Teaching day 43
Thursday, September 19UBDC
Thursday, September 19SC360
Thursday, September 19UCTRF S37C
Thursday, September 19Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Unit Review)
Thursday, September 19URC
Friday, September 20Teaching day 44
Friday, September 20UCT: UFC
Friday, September 20PEC
Friday, September 20NOBC
Friday, September 20Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Unit Review)
Monday, September 23Teaching day 45
Wednesday, September 25Teaching day 46
Wednesday, September 25Annual Wellness Fair
Wednesday, September 25Executive Meeting
Wednesday, September 25Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Thursday, September 26Teaching day 47
Thursday, September 26USFC
Thursday, September 26PPLC
Thursday, September 26Annual Wellness Fair
Thursday, September 26UCTRF Retirees Workshop
Thursday, September 26Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Unit Review)
Thursday, September 26SRV
Thursday, September 26OESC
Friday, September 27Teaching day 48
Friday, September 27Annual Wellness Fair
Friday, September 27Deans meeting
Friday, September 27Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Unit Review)
Monday, September 30Teaching day 49
Monday, September 30Rosh Hashana
Monday, September 30Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Unit Review)

Tuesday, October 1Teaching day 50
Tuesday, October 1Rosh Hashana
Tuesday, October 1OHF
Tuesday, October 1Executive Meeting
Tuesday, October 1Plann. & Budg. Working Grp (Unit Review)
Wednesday, October 2Teaching day 51
Wednesday, October 2Residences Forum
Wednesday, October 2RAAG
Thursday, October 3Teaching day 52
Thursday, October 3ERMC
Thursday, October 3RAAG
Thursday, October 3USAC
Thursday, October 3EBE Board
Thursday, October 3BAC
Friday, October 4Teaching day 53
Friday, October 4UCT Recreational day
Monday, October 7Teaching day 54
Monday, October 7RAAG
Monday, October 7SEC
Monday, October 7LAW Board
Tuesday, October 8Teaching day 55
Tuesday, October 8SAC
Tuesday, October 8Financial Operations Meeting
Tuesday, October 8Executive Meeting
Tuesday, October 8HUM Board
Tuesday, October 8DDB
Wednesday, October 9Teaching day 56
Wednesday, October 9SC
Wednesday, October 9UCTRF Com Cmt
Wednesday, October 9RAAG
Wednesday, October 9TETSC
Wednesday, October 9SCI Board
Thursday, October 10Teaching day 57
Thursday, October 10RAAG
Thursday, October 10VSFC
Friday, October 11Teaching day 58
Friday, October 11HDC
Friday, October 11Operations Coordinating Cmt
Friday, October 11NOBC
Friday, October 11Scientific Tech. Off. Merit Cmt
Saturday, October 12COUNCIL
Sunday, October 13ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, October 14Teaching day 59
Tuesday, October 15Teaching day 60
Tuesday, October 15Lectures end
Tuesday, October 15Executive Meeting
Tuesday, October 15CHED Board
Wednesday, October 16CONSOLIDATION
Wednesday, October 16Res Com
Wednesday, October 16Educare Cmt
Wednesday, October 16RMC
Wednesday, October 16CRR
Wednesday, October 16Fellows Dinner
Wednesday, October 16Admissions Cmt
Wednesday, October 16Honorary Profs/Assoc Profs Selection Cmt
Thursday, October 17CONSOLIDATION
Thursday, October 17UBDC
Thursday, October 17Budget Heads/Leadership Lekgotla
Thursday, October 17T&LC
Thursday, October 17CL
Thursday, October 17PSFC Sub cmt
Friday, October 18CONSOLIDATION
Friday, October 18PEC
Friday, October 18Leadership Lekgotla Retreat
Friday, October 18URC Sub-cmt
Saturday, October 19CONSOLIDATION
Sunday, October 20CONSOLIDATION
Monday, October 21CONSOLIDATION
Monday, October 21Executive Meeting
Monday, October 21RAAG
Monday, October 21Vera Davie
Monday, October 21PSFC Sub cmt
Monday, October 21COM Board
Tuesday, October 22CONSOLIDATION
Tuesday, October 22UCT RFAS
Tuesday, October 22Baxter Exco
Tuesday, October 22UCTRF Financial Cmt
Tuesday, October 22RAAG
Tuesday, October 22E&AC
Wednesday, October 23Exam day 1
Wednesday, October 23ACC
Wednesday, October 23Deans Cmt on Academic Pay
Wednesday, October 23PC09 2019
Wednesday, October 23URC Sub-cmt
Wednesday, October 23PAAC
Thursday, October 24Exam day 2
Thursday, October 24PPLC
Thursday, October 24UCTRF IC
Thursday, October 24PASS Forum
Thursday, October 24SSMAg
Thursday, October 24CFASM
Thursday, October 24CWAC
Thursday, October 24OESC
Friday, October 25Exam day 3
Friday, October 25ICTUG
Friday, October 25Deans meeting
Sunday, October 27Diwali
Monday, October 28Exam day 4
Monday, October 28AFC
Monday, October 28Research Indaba
Tuesday, October 29Exam day 5
Tuesday, October 29Executive Meeting
Tuesday, October 29Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Tuesday, October 29USFC
Wednesday, October 30Exam day 6
Wednesday, October 30URC Conf
Wednesday, October 30USRC
Thursday, October 31Exam day 7
Thursday, October 31December qualifiers on system
Thursday, October 31EiRC

Friday, November 1Exam day 8
Friday, November 1UCT: USF/UFC
Friday, November 1FYE Adv. Group
Monday, November 4Exam day 9
Monday, November 4IF
Monday, November 4SEC
Monday, November 4AKCIA
Tuesday, November 5Exam day 10
Tuesday, November 5FAAC
Tuesday, November 5UCT AFS
Tuesday, November 5EMWG
Tuesday, November 5Executive Meeting
Tuesday, November 5RAAG
Tuesday, November 5URC
Tuesday, November 5UEC
Wednesday, November 6Exam day 11
Wednesday, November 6SAC
Wednesday, November 6Financial Operations Meeting
Wednesday, November 6DCAM
Wednesday, November 6RAAG
Wednesday, November 6UCT PRESS EXCO
Wednesday, November 6IPAC
Thursday, November 7Exam day 12
Thursday, November 7UCTRF A&R
Thursday, November 7OCC
Thursday, November 7UHRC
Thursday, November 7USAC
Thursday, November 7USAC
Thursday, November 7USAC
Thursday, November 7TAGSC
Friday, November 8Exam day 13
Friday, November 8Council Rem Cmt
Friday, November 8UCT: UAC
Friday, November 8LWG
Monday, November 11Exam day 14
Monday, November 11ACC
Monday, November 11EEF
Monday, November 11WOAC
Monday, November 11RAAG
Tuesday, November 12Exam day 15
Tuesday, November 12UCT: Joint Council/Foundation Investment Cmt
Tuesday, November 12Execs PPS Consistency Rev.
Tuesday, November 12UCTRF Financial Cmt
Tuesday, November 12QAC
Tuesday, November 12LPC
Tuesday, November 12FHS Board
Wednesday, November 13Exam day 16
Wednesday, November 13Executive Meeting
Wednesday, November 13UCTRF S37C
Wednesday, November 13SAEC
Wednesday, November 13BfGS
Wednesday, November 13UCT Press Board
Thursday, November 14Exam day 17
Thursday, November 14CHEC
Thursday, November 14UBDC
Thursday, November 14UDC
Thursday, November 14SDC
Thursday, November 14OPSMag
Friday, November 15Exam day 18
Friday, November 15HDC
Friday, November 15Appointments Cmt of Council
Friday, November 15Council Exco
Saturday, November 16Marking day 1
Sunday, November 17Marking day 2
Sunday, November 17ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, November 18Summer Term day 1
Monday, November 18Marking day 3
Monday, November 18Baxter Board
Monday, November 18RAAG Strategic Bid
Tuesday, November 19Summer Term day 2
Tuesday, November 19Marking day 4
Tuesday, November 19UCT AFS
Tuesday, November 19Executive Meeting
Tuesday, November 19T&LC
Tuesday, November 19IBC
Wednesday, November 20Summer Term day 3
Wednesday, November 20RAAG Strategic Bid
Wednesday, November 20Marking day 5
Wednesday, November 20PC10 2019
Thursday, November 21Summer Term day 4
Thursday, November 21Marking day 6
Thursday, November 21PPLC
Thursday, November 21UICTC
Thursday, November 21UCT: UFC
Thursday, November 21PASS Forum
Thursday, November 21SSMAg
Thursday, November 21UCTRF R&EB
Friday, November 22Summer Term day 5
Friday, November 22Marking day 7
Friday, November 22OPSMag
Friday, November 22PEC
Friday, November 22Deans meeting (extended)
Friday, November 22Senate
Saturday, November 23Marking day 8
Sunday, November 24Marking day 9
Monday, November 25Summer Term day 6
Monday, November 25Marking day 10
Monday, November 25SC360
Monday, November 25RAAG (post Fin. Cmt in case of changes)
Monday, November 25PSFC Sub Cmt
Monday, November 25USFC
Tuesday, November 26Summer Term day 7
Tuesday, November 26Marking day 11
Tuesday, November 26Executive Meeting
Tuesday, November 26Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Tuesday, November 26CRR
Tuesday, November 26RDMGC
Wednesday, November 27Summer Term day 8
Wednesday, November 27Marking day 12
Thursday, November 28Summer Term day 9
Thursday, November 28Marking day 13
Thursday, November 28UCTRF LA Workshop
Friday, November 29Summer Term day 10
Friday, November 29All course results on system by 12h00
Friday, November 29PSFC Sub Cmt
Friday, November 29LAW FEC (pre-FEC)

Monday, December 2FEC
Monday, December 2Summer Term day 11
Monday, December 2USFC
Monday, December 2DDB
Monday, December 2HUM FEC
Tuesday, December 3Summer Term day 12
Tuesday, December 3FEC
Tuesday, December 3Financial Operations Meeting
Tuesday, December 3Executive Meeting
Tuesday, December 3LAW FEC
Tuesday, December 3EBE FEC
Wednesday, December 4Summer Term day 13
Wednesday, December 4FEC
Wednesday, December 4UCT Foundation: Trustees
Wednesday, December 4EBE FEC
Thursday, December 5Summer Term day 14
Thursday, December 5FEC
Thursday, December 5SCI FEC (pre-FEC)
Friday, December 6Summer Term day 15
Friday, December 6FEC Final
Friday, December 6UCTRF Board of Trustees
Friday, December 6PEC
Saturday, December 7COUNCIL
Sunday, December 8ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, December 9Summer Term day 16
Monday, December 9All November results to Records by 09:00
Tuesday, December 10Summer Term day 17
Tuesday, December 10Leadership Lekgotla Meeting
Wednesday, December 11Summer Term day 18
Wednesday, December 11Qualifiers on system by 16h00 (April 2019 confer date)
Wednesday, December 11Executive Meeting
Wednesday, December 11UCTRF AGM
Wednesday, December 11SCI FEC
Thursday, December 12Summer Term day 19
Thursday, December 12SLQ (April 2019 confer date)
Thursday, December 12GRADUATION
Thursday, December 12AGM of Convocation
Friday, December 13GRADUATION
Friday, December 13Summer Term day 20
Tuesday, December 17SEC to approve April qualifiers
Tuesday, December 17SEC
Wednesday, December 18Summer Term Exams
Wednesday, December 18Executive Meeting
Monday, December 23Chanukah
Tuesday, December 24University closes at 13h00
Tuesday, December 24Chanukah
Wednesday, December 25Chanukah
Thursday, December 26Chanukah
Friday, December 27Chanukah
Saturday, December 28Chanukah
Sunday, December 29Chanukah
Monday, December 30Chanukah