University of Cape Town Rankings

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University of Cape Town Rankings

University of Cape Town Rankings

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has solidified its position as a hub of academic excellence and has made considerable advancements on the international scene. The university’s dedication to providing outstanding instruction, supporting ground-breaking research, and developing the next generation of leaders is evident in the university’s sustained recognition and remarkable rankings. Let’s examine the outstanding rankings that demonstrate UCT’s status as one of the top universities in the globe.

University of Cape Town World rankings

UCT is the top African university in the world’s five major university rankings. It is ranked 10th in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies University Rankings. According to the 2020 World University Rankings, UCT is one of 39 of the top 200 women-led universities in the world.

UCT ranked 39th in the 2020 list of the 200 most international universities. This confirms the global reputation of UCT and international student representation.

UCT is among the top 40 international universities

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is listed as the 39th most international university on the most recent Times Higher Education (THE) ranking of 200 universities. These universities have a great worldwide reputation, a large percentage of foreign students and employees, and they collaborate on research all over the world.

In this most recent edition, UCT is tied for 39th place globally with the California Institute of Technology, USA. The top 10 most international universities were from four nations: Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, with the City University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong coming in first and second, respectively.

“UCT aims to promote global cooperation in Africa and the rest of the globe. Even while serving our nation and local community come first, we need a lot of international collaboration and cross-pollination to accomplish our ambitious research goals and address the continent’s complex concerns.

The international student score, international staff score, international co-authorship score, and international reputation metrics are the subsets of data used by THE to create its ranking of international universities. Institutions could only be included if they got 100 or more votes in the international reputation survey and at least 50 votes, or 10% of the domestic vote total. UCT received much more reputation votes this year compared to last year when we fell short of the required level.

World rankings

UCT moved up 20 spots to 136th in the World University Rankings 2020, which were published last year. This kept UCT in first place both nationally and on the continent. These yearly rankings evaluate approximately 1 400 institutions across the globe.

Top universities led by women – UCT ranked 26th

Only 39 of the top 200 universities are governed by women, according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020, and the University of Cape Town (UCT) is one of them. This is an increase over 2018 when there were only 34 universities led by women.

The executive academic leadership at UCT is entirely made up of women, which is unusual for higher education institutions around the world. Professor Sue Harrison joined Vice-Chancellor Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng, Associate Professor Lis Lange (DVC for Teaching and Learning), and Professor Loretta Feris (DVC for Transformation) as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) for Research and Internationalization in 2019.

Although UCT did not intentionally seek out female candidates, they are proud of the knowledge and skills they have brought to the executive team, and this appointment is an important one for women in academia and executive management in South Africa, Africa, and globally, according to Phakeng. Read more about THE World University Rankings 2020.

UCT in Top 10 emerging economy universities

According to the 2020 Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies University Rankings, a comparative ranking of 533 universities in 47 countries with emerging economies, the University of Cape Town (UCT) has been placed 10th in the world and the best in Africa.

The 13 performance indicators used in THE World University Rankings are used in these rankings as well, but they have been recalibrated to take into account the priorities and characteristics of universities in emerging economies. Institutions are evaluated on their teaching, research, industry income, and international outlook. For instance, a university’s connections to industry and its outlook on the world are given more weight.

The university’s scores improved in the teaching, research, and citation categories as compared to last year when UCT was ranked ninth in the same rankings. This indicates the university’s expanding influence and impact in these fields.

2020 THE World University Rankings

Last year, UCT jumped up 20 places to 136th position in the 2020 World University Rankings, which assessed almost 1 400 institutions worldwide. This put UCT in the top spot in the country and the continent. View the full 2020 Emerging Economies University Rankings.

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