University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery

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University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery

University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery

Welcome to the Division of Neurosurgery of the University of Cape Town

We are responsible for the neurosurgical management of patients at two internationally-renowned teaching hospitals, treating patients from across the Western Cape as well as elsewhere in South Africa and abroad. This clinical platform enables us to teach students, train specialists, and pursue cutting-edge research into conditions relevant to our clinical practice.

We have a tradition of close ties with colleagues in private practice, enabling us to contribute to the care of patients across our community and strive to contribute in all ways possible to the growth and leadership of our specialty nationally and internationally.

Neurosurgery demands the highest standards of practice while remaining mindful of the needs and priorities of a developing country. Our training program encompasses all aspects of modern neurosurgery, exposing registrars to the full spectrum of subspecialties.

During their training, registrars have numerous opportunities to pursue research and are equipped with skills for lifelong inquiry. In this way, we strive to produce neurosurgeons who have superb clinical and operative skills coupled with the intellectual rigor to cope with a career in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving field of clinical neuroscience. University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery

Our Vision

We strive to offer our patients the most appropriate clinical care and provide an academic environment that nurtures honest reflection and innovative thinking.

The University Of Cape Town Neurosurgery Postgraduate training: Interns

Newly qualified physicians who have completed their internships at Groot Schur Hospital will have the opportunity to alternate two months of neurosurgery work as part of a four-month surgical appointment. Interns are responsible for the day-to-day care of patients but also have the opportunity to go to the theater and experience neurosurgery first-hand. This is a great opportunity for anyone considering a career in neurosurgery.

Medical Officers

After completing a two-year internship and one year of community service, future trainees will have the opportunity to work as a neurosurgery medical officer for one year. As a rule, applicants for this position have already passed the basic exam, but this is not a prerequisite. The medical officer acts as a junior registrar, taking calls under supervision and taking turns in charge of various companies. Her three-month stay in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit (D13) provides excellent preparation for her midterm exams.


This is a content training position and competition is fierce as we only have six registrar positions funded by the Western Cape Health Department. Our training programs cover all aspects of modern neurosurgery and offer residents the opportunity to explore the entire specialty. During training, registrars are given numerous investigative opportunities, providing them with lifelong investigative skills.

Neurosurgery Innovation Laboratory

This is being developed under the leadership of Dr Nico Enslin, within the newly-opened Neuroscience Institute.


The Division of Neurosurgery
H53 Old Main Building
Groote Schuur Hospital
Main Road
Observatory, 7925

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Vuyiwe Bathaka
P +27(0)214066213
F +27(0)214066555

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