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University Of Cape Town Math

University Of Cape Town Math

Welcome to the department

Mathematics, which underlies the development of science and technology, is itself a very interesting research field. Your goal is to study patterns thoroughly. Geometry, time and space, nature, physics, biology, industry and commerce, and even patterns themselves.

Mathematics is essential for high-level careers, not only in science and engineering, but also in many areas of biology, medicine, business, and industry. Our Faculty educates students according to international standards and conducts world-class research in both pure and applied mathematics. Join us in our quest to understand computational mechanics, engineering mathematics, gravitational theory and cosmology, biological modeling, financial modeling, or the study of mathematics as a discipline itself.  

Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

The Faculty of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is one of the largest faculties at the University of Cape Town. The department covers a wide range of interests and strives to combine excellence and impartiality. Our staff is among the best in the world, and we are proud to welcome many of the world’s leading international researchers to our ranks. Its vibrant research in such diverse research fields as category theory, topology, algebra, analysis, discrete mathematics, cryptography, general relativity and cosmology, string theory, computational mechanics, dynamical systems, and biological modeling Spirit attracts students and research visitors from all over the world. world.

Mathematics is essential for high-level careers not only in the natural sciences and engineering but also in many fields such as IT, biology, medicine, business, and industry. The faculty educates its students to international standards, and students find employment in universities and companies throughout South Africa and around the world.

Mathematics Elective Modules

  • These modules may be taken by Honours students in both Mathematics (MAM4000W and MAM4100W & MAM4101W) and Applied Mathematics (MAM4001W and MAM4110W & MAM4111W).
  • For Applied Mathematics students, these modules do not count towards the minimum of 60 credits of Applied Mathematics modules taught by MAM.
  • The list of elective modules offered changes from year to year.
  • The department may without warning decide not to offer a particular elective module, even if it has been previously advertised.

Maths and Applied Maths Honours Program

MAM offers two different Honours degrees:

Honours in (Pure) Mathematics (MAM4000W) is a structured course that exposes you to a core set of standard advanced topics in pure mathematics (the Core Modules), while still allowing you the flexibility to customize your curriculum.

Honours in Applied Mathematics (MAM4001W) is designed to be flexible, giving you the freedom to build an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in other departments.

Visit the Department of Mathematics website.

Contact us

Hayley Leslie
Tel: 021 650 3191
Fax: 021 650 2334

Physical address

The Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
Mathematics Building
7 University Avenue
Upper Campus
University of Cape Town



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