University Of Cape Town Marine Biology

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University Of Cape Town Marine Biology

University Of Cape Town Marine Biology

The University of Cape Town (UCT) offers a comprehensive program in marine biology, giving students the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of marine life, ecosystems, and conservation. With its strategic location near the coast and access to a variety of marine environments, UCT is an ideal institution for those interested in the study of marine biology.

Research groups

  • Animal Demography Unit (ADU)
  • Animal Evolution & Systematics Group (AES)
  • Biogeography/ ecology and economics of marine and freshwater algae
  • Bolus Herbarium (BOL)
  • Bryophyte Evolution and Ecology
  • Ecophysiology of plant responses to pollution and global change and plant nutrition
  • Entomology Research Group
  • Invertebrate Bioactive Compounds Research Group
  • Marine Biology Researchers are closely associated with the Ma-Re Institute, an inter-departmental/inter-faculty unit whose principal focus is marine research that underpins teaching, training, capacity development, and consultancy activities
  • Palaeobiology Research Group
  • FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (PFIAO) – a DST/NRF Centre of Excellence
  • Plant Conservation Unit (PCU)
  • Plant molecular systematics, angiosperm biosystematics
  • Plant Population, community, and reproductive ecology
  • Systematics, floristics, biogeography, and evolutionary biology of the unique Cape Floral Kingdom and its response to different land use practices
  • Weed Biological Control Group
  • Wood Physiology and Hydraulics

The University of Cape Town offers a comprehensive and well-rounded marine biology program that provides students with a solid foundation in marine science, conservation, and research. The strategic location, experienced faculty, access to a diverse marine environment, and collaborative partnerships all contribute to an excellent learning experience. Graduates of UCT’s Marine Biology Program are equipped to make valuable contributions to the understanding and conservation of marine ecosystems and to positively impact the future of the oceans.

Entrance to John Day Building (left) and view of HW Pearson Building (right) on University Avenue, UCT Upper Campus

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General inquiries:
Mrs. Claire Khai, Dept. Manager
Tel: (+27) 21 650 3604
Fax: (+27) 21 650 3301

Physical address:
John Day Building, University Avenue, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town

Postal address:
Private Bag X3,
Rondebosch 7701,
South Africa


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