University Of Cape Town Lung Institute

University Of Cape Town Lung institute

The Institute is located on the campus of the Faculty of Health Sciences. It provides clinical services and conducts research in the fields of respiratory medicine, tuberculosis, allergy, occupational medicine and dermatology. Special emphases in research are epidemiology, allergy diagnostics, lung physiology, clinical pharmacology, evaluation of novel treatments and community-based interventions for improving disease management and improving health. In association with various departments of the University, it provides training for students in the health professions and collaborates broadly with training and research institutions elsewhere in South Africa and abroad. The public is served by educational and health promotional activities, and by several unique clinical and community services.

Central Reception
Tel: +27 (0)21 406 6850 / 406 6877
Fax: +27 (0)21 406 6851
e-mail: Manager, Cheryl Nel
Tel: +27 21 406 6862
Accountant, Tracy de Marillac
Tel: +27 21 404 7775
Human Resource Manager, Sameera Gamiet
Tel: +27 21 406 6882
Physical Address:
George Street
Cape Town
South AfricaPostal Address:
PO Box 34560
Groote Schuur
South Africa