University Of Cape Town Law 2024

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University Of Cape Town Law 2024

University Of Cape Town Law 2024: UCT Law Online Application

The faculty and students of the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Law recognize that we are a community of scholars who strive for excellence in everything we do. We are aware that we are a part of South African society as well as the African and international academic communities. They accept the role of the law in the creation of a society marked by oppression and still strongly divided by inequality. They pledge to achieve the following objectives:

  • High-quality education and research are essential.
  • maximizing the potential of all employees and students
  • fostering an institutional culture based on mutual tolerance, respect, understanding, integrity, and openness, one that cherishes their shared humanity while also celebrating and supporting diversity

More information about the history of the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town may be found here.

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Please go here to learn more about the Law courses provided by the Faculty. UCT Law Online Application

They hope that by pursuing all of these objectives, we will be able to help alleviate the inequity and imbalance that still exists in South African society.
They know that achieving these objectives necessitates:

  • Scholarship that is critical and compassionate, and which explores the potential of the law as a means to achieving justice for all;
  • Leadership that is effective and promotes the values of the faculty;
  • Accountable, inclusive, and transparent decision-making in which staff and students are given the opportunity for effective participation;
  • The open and critical debate that protects and promotes academic freedom and university autonomy;
  • Provision to staff and students with opportunities and resources necessary for their optimal development.

In their daily activities and interactions with one another, they shall endeavor to live these values and attain these aims.

Kindly visit the Faculty of Law’s Official Website for more information

Visit the University Of Cape Town’s Official Website.

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