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University Of Cape Town Handbook

University Of Cape Town Handbook;
The University of Cape Town Handbook provides a thorough reference for all pertinent information regarding the university’s academic policies, plans, and courses. Each year, the manual is released and made available online and in print. It provides details regarding the university’s academic calendar, admission standards, academic regulations, fees, and financial aid, making it a useful tool for students, teachers, and staff.
The manual also provides details on the numerous faculties and schools within the university, as well as the courses and programs they each provide. It describes the prerequisites, course options, and evaluation procedures for each program. The handbook also contains information on the support services that are offered to students, including academic assistance, career services, health services, and housing.
Anyone considering attending the university or current students can benefit from the UCT Handbook. It offers a thorough overview of the academic regulations and programs of the university, assisting students in making educated decisions regarding their studies and ensuring that they have access to all the tools necessary for success. University Of Cape Town Handbook
The University Of Cape Town Handbook 2024
The Handbooks on this page contain full information about the administrative rules and procedures at UCT. Please download and familiarise yourself with your faculty Handbook, as well as all of the other university-wide Handbook documents.

Commerce – 2024

Corrections to the Commerce handbooks

Engineering & the Built Environment – 2024

Health Sciences – 2024

Humanities – 2024

Law – 2024

Science – 2024

Student Housing & Residence Life

Authorities and Information of Record (Handbook 2, 2024)



General Rules and Policies (Handbook 3, 2024)

Academic Calendar and Meetings (Handbook 4, 2024)

Student Support and Services (Handbook 5, 2024)

Student Fees (Handbook 12, 2024)

Bursary and Loan Opportunities for Undergraduate Study (Handbook 13, 2024)

Financial Assistance for Postgraduate Study and Postdoctoral Research (Handbook 14, 2024)

Updated: 6 March 2023

Handbooks are made available for download as soon as they are published in PDF format.
If a link is not active, the handbook is not yet available.

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