University Of Cape Town For International Students

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University Of Cape Town For International Students

University Of Cape Town For International Students

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is a beacon of academic excellence and cultural diversity, attracting students from all over the world. Located in the charming city of Cape Town, South Africa, UCT offers an excellent educational experience for international students looking to broaden their horizons and pursue their academic dreams.

International students considering enrolling at UCT will have the opportunity to be part of a world-class institution known for its cutting-edge research, innovative teaching methods, and commitment to social impact. This article will introduce international students to the University of Cape Town and the many benefits and resources available to help them succeed academically.

International Students

International Applicants (including SADC applicants)

For additional information, candidates who are nationals of nations other than South Africa should get in touch with UCT’s International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO).

The International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO), which aims to be the first point of contact for all international students, offers a variety of services, such as answering general questions from prospective students, giving advice on the safety of the neighborhood you want to live in, determining whether working while studying in South Africa is appropriate, applying for study permits, and giving general guidance about your time at UCT.

International applicants

Consider studying abroad, do you? Pick the top-ranked institution in Africa, the University of Cape Town! By providing information to international students on application processes, deadlines, visa requirements, medical insurance, and foreign tuition prices, the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) supports internationalization at UCT. IAPO will offer thorough information and a special Orientation Programme to welcome you to UCT before you begin your Semester Study Abroad (SSA) or full-degree program.

Please visit the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) website for information on the following:

  • applying to UCT
  • funding (also see international and refugee scholarships)
  • exchanges
  • partnerships and programs
  • Global Short-term Academic Programmes
  • FAQ
  • contacts

The application process for international students

Apply online

All postgraduates must apply online at:


After submitting your application and receiving your application data through email, you will need to pay an application fee. The Directions for Postgraduate Applications paper contains information on this fee’s amount and payment methods.


Applications for postgraduate programs must be filed by September 30 of the year prior to enrollment. However, applications for master’s and Ph.D. programs by thesis (research) may be made and may begin at any time of the year with the approval of a supervisor. The Directions for Postgraduate Applications paper contains information on specific faculty and program deadlines.


International students must submit their general UCT application by September 30 of the year prior to their intended start date if they intend to live on campus.

Applications for housing are submitted online during the application process. There isn’t a different application procedure.

Supporting information

Those pursuing postgraduate degrees at UCT for the first time may be required to provide specific supporting documentation. This could contain a resume with professional experience, a research proposal or motive, and academic transcripts.

Confirmation of application submission

Immediately after submitting your application online, you get a confirmation email. You will receive a formal acknowledgment of your application within three business days, along with your applicant number and PeopleSoft log-in information. You can follow your application’s progress online once you’ve logged in to PeopleSoft here. Please take note that this acknowledgment does not imply acceptance or admission to UCT.

Notification of outcome

A letter including an admissions offer will be issued to you if your application is accepted. This won’t be given out until two months or later after your application is complete.

Information about the application process will be included in the letter of admission. As soon as possible, you should use your PeopleSoft student account to confirm that you accept your offer.

You must pay a non-refundable acceptance fee to reserve your spot. Your student fee account will be credited with this sum.

Information for international students is also available in the UCT undergraduate prospectus.

Take advantage of the chance to expand your horizons, learn new things, and make friends for life at the University of Cape Town.

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