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University Of Cape Town Economics

University Of Cape Town Economics

Welcome to the home page of the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town.

The School of Economics is one of the largest departments in the University, offering tuition to more than 3000 undergraduate students and approximately 150 postgraduate students. The department consists of over 30 staff members who cover a broad range of disciplines in economics in their teaching and research. In addition, the School has a strong research focus and hosts several active research units. This site provides access to a range of information regarding the study, research, and student life in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town.

The following programs are offered by the School of Economics:


  • Bachelor of Business Science specializing in Economics
  • Economics with Law (Bachelor of Business Science or Bachelor of Commerce)
  • Bachelor of Social Science Degree Majoring in Economics
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Economics and Statistics
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)


Postgraduate Diploma:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Survey Data Analysis for Development

Honours Programmes:

  • Honours in Economics
  • Economic Analysis of Financial Markets (EAFM)  – Formerly Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management

Masters Programmes:

  • Masters Programmes in Economics by Coursework and Dissertation
    • Specialising in Economics
    • Specializing in Economic Science
    • Specializing in Applied Economics
    • Specializing in Economic Development
  • Masters by Dissertation only
  • MPhil specializing in Financial Technology

Doctorate Programmes:

Please note that the closing date for the AERC Collaborative Ph.D. program is 31 July. Please note this earlier closing date.

  • Ph.D. by Dissertation
  • Ph.D. by Coursework and Dissertation (Including the AERC Collaborative Programme)
  • Ph.D. in Economic Sciences
Bachelor of Economics Programmes at UCT

The faculty of commerce offers prospective and/or existing students a thorough overview of the economics field, South Africa, and the various career opportunities accessible. Please consult the webpage for more information.

Three Year Undergraduate Degrees

  • Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Social Science [Philosophy, Politics & Economics Degree (PPE)]
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance Degree)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Statistics Degree)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Law Degree)
  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc) (4 or 5-year degree)

Postgraduate Degrees
Honours Programmes

Honours in Economics
Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management

Masters Programmes

  • Masters Programme in Economics by Dissertation
  • Masters Programme in Economics by Coursework and Dissertation
  • Masters in Economics
  • Master in Economic Science

Visit the School of Economics website for more detailed information.

Contact Us at the School of Economics
The School of Economics is located at the Middle Campus‚ UCT, Rondebosch
General Enquiries
Tel: (021) 650–5751
Fax: (021) 650–2854
Senior Secretary: Thembisa Nyamakazi,
Departmental Manager: Nondwe De Caires at
Postgraduate Office: and
Undergraduate Office:;;
Postal Address:
School of Economics
Faculty of Commerce
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
If you require information regarding admissions and requests for application forms‚ please use the main UCT website at and follow the links for applying for studying at the University.



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