University Of Cape Town Business School Short Courses

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University Of Cape Town Business School Short

University Of Cape Town Business School Short Courses

The University of Cape Town Business School (UCTBS) provides a wide variety of short courses that are intended to improve your knowledge and skills. We shall examine the advantages of UCTBS short courses and how they can advance your career in this article.

Business Management Online Short Courses

Business management expertise is highly valued across a wide range of organizations and industries. Studying business management and comprehending the fundamental concepts of running a business can help employees, managers, and leaders in all types of organizations, from start-ups to well-established enterprises, to stand out from the competition. With an online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT), you may improve your presentation skills while gaining important business, risk, and financial management competencies.

Business management includes a wide range of activities, such as marketing, finance, market analysis, and competitive analysis. Professionals frequently have knowledge in one of these areas. However, a business manager’s strength rests in their capacity to comprehend the numerous aspects of an organization and to think holistically in order to realize strategic goals. Hard skills like financial understanding and legal-compliance expertise, as well as soft talents like leadership and innovative problem-solving, are necessary for managing a firm.


Business and Management

  • UCT Business Writing and Legal Documents
  • UCT Advanced Project Management
  • UCT Applied Economics for Smart Decision Making
  • UCT Business Risk Management
  • UCT Business Systems Analysis
  • UCT IT Management
  • UCT NPO Management
  • UCT Office Computing
  • UCT Operations Management
  • UCT Professional Communication and Office Management
  • UCT Project Management Foundations
  • UCT Supply Chain Management
  • UCT Social Enterprise Development


  • UCT Accounting
  • UCT Basics of Financial Management
  • UCT Bookkeeping
  • UCT Payroll & Tax Administration


  • UCT Advertising
  • UCT Content Marketing
  • UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing
  • UCT Internet Marketing
  • UCT Marketing
  • UCT Mobile Marketing
  • UCT Public Relations
  • UCT Sales Management
  • UCT Social Media

Talent Management (HR)

  • UCT Foundations of Executive Coaching
  • UCT Human Resource Management
  • UCT Training and Development Management

Hospitality and Events

  • UCT Events Management

Systems and Technology

  • UCT Web Development
  • ES Fundamentals Announcement
  • TERP10 SAP Certification

Microdata Management and Usage in Africa
DataFirst and SALDRU will be jointly running a number of short training courses.  Please note that all our short courses (except the Introduction to Stata course) will run over two weeks.

  • Econometrics short course
  • Understanding Panel Survey
  • Introduction to Stata
  • Understanding Complex Social Survey
  • Measuring Economic Welfare

The short courses available at the University of Cape Town Business School might help you realize your potential and advance your career. These courses offer a transformative learning experience because of their industry-focused curricula, knowledgeable teachers, adaptable learning alternatives, networking opportunities, and recognized certificates. You can develop new skills, increase your knowledge, and get a competitive edge in your professional journey by investing in a UCTBS short course.

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