University Of Cape Town Bursaries

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University Of Cape Town Bursaries

University Of Cape Town Bursaries

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is dedicated to supporting academic success and making sure that deserving students can obtain a top-notch education. UCT provides a variety of bursaries to assist this purpose by easing the financial load on students and enabling them to pursue their educational goals. The bursaries offered by UCT will be discussed in this article, along with the requirements for qualifying, the application procedure, and the opportunities they offer to students.

University Of Cape Town Bursary Programmes

Student Financial Assistance: Case For Support

Many young South Africans aspire to finish their degrees in order to contribute meaningfully to their country’s rapidly evolving society. The University of Cape Town (UCT) has pledged to take on the challenge of funding this long-term investment, making sure that no student will be turned away due to a lack of funds. Through increased financial aid programs for both undergraduate and graduate students, we try to make the most of this potential.

In light of the rapidly shifting higher education landscape in South Africa and the lack of stability around government funding, UCT seeks to increase its resource capacity by expanding its donor base. Even if there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding annual price hikes and students’ incapacity to pay these escalating costs, it is imperative to give our kids more choices for postsecondary study. Many of our brightest students are unable to attend university or are forced to give up their studies and pursue compromised career options as a result of financial pressures on families, especially those from middle-class to low-income homes. This results in a loss of the potential contribution that these creative brains could make to modernizing social, political, and economic systems.

Bursary noticeboard

Notice Closing Date
Hollywood Foundation Bursary 30 June 2023
Ninety-One SA Bursary 31 July 2023
Sappi Bursary 2024 30 August 2023
Feenix Student Funding 30 April 2024
Anglo-American Bursaries and Scholarships 15 June 2023
Old Mutual Education Trust 31 August 2023
Art Scholarship 30 September 2023
SA Reserve Bank Bursary 30 September 2023
Career Services: Bursaries/Scholarship Opportunities
Handbook13 – Bursary and Loan Opportunities for Undergraduate Study

Funding your Studies

Bursaries, scholarships, and loans are administered for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Cape Town by the Student Financial Aid Office and the Postgraduate Funding Office, respectively. Student fees are calculated per course for which you are registered. Detailed information on fee structures, policies, payment options, and deadlines may be found on the Fees web page and the Fees Handbook.

Financial support for Undergraduate Studies

Bursaries, scholarships, and loans for undergraduate students are administered by the Student Financial Aid Office at the University of Cape Town. You can submit an application for financial aid at the same time as your UCT application. The Student Financial Aid Office gives candidates advice on how to apply for various forms of financial support as well as information about additional funding sources.

Financial Aid

Students pursuing their first undergraduate degree in South Africa (or as permanent residents) have access to financial aid under the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). The Central Application System that NSFAS is introducing will have an influence on our financial aid policies.

The University of Cape Town is dedicated to offering a comprehensive financial aid program. When a student applies on time and is approved for financial aid, the university wants to help them. Visit the Undergraduate Financial Aid website to learn more about eligibility.

UCT makes sure that the bursaries are given to deserving applicants who exhibit academic distinction and financial need by using a strict screening procedure and detailed application standards. These scholarships have an impact on UCT’s academic community as a whole, strengthening its diversity and inclusivity.


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