Unisa Admission and Re-admission Rules 2022/2023

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Unisa Admission and Re-admission Rules 2022/2023

University of South Africa (Unisa) Application 2021-2022

Unisa Admission Rules 2022

The University of South Africa, colloquially known as Unisa, is the largest university system in South Africa in terms of enrollment. It attracts a third of all higher education students in South Africa.

Admission and re-admission rules (academic progression rules)

These academic progression rules are applicable to all undergraduate Unisa students, irrespective of when you commenced with your undergraduate studies at Unisa.

To be re-admitted to Unisa in 2022, please take note of the following:

First year of study

Pass at least 36 credits per year / over 2 consecutive semesters.

From 2nd year of study

Pass at least 48 credits per year / over 2 consecutive semesters.

Admission declined

Failure to pass the required number of modules will result in you not being able to study further at undergraduate level. A student wishing to be re-admitted to Unisa after being excluded on the basis of poor performance in a qualification may only do so after providing proof of successful completion of a one-year certificate programme at NQF level 4, 5 or higher (with 48 credits) at another accredited institution or a Unisa short learning programme. In order to satisfy the requirements of this rule, the student must have completed at least 48 credits before an application for re-admission will be considered.

These progression rules are subject to the following exceptions:

  • Students who are at the maximum time allowed and have less than 60 credits outstanding will be given 1 year to complete.
  • Students with disabilities may apply to the Registrar for exemption from the above rules.
  • Students who decide not to register for an academic year or semester must apply for a deferment; the academic year or semester will then not be taken into consideration in calculating the number of years.
  • Students who are excluded on grounds of poor academic performance have the right to appeal the decision through the Executive Dean of the College.