UJ Transport Management Course

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UJ Transport Management Course

UJ Transport Management Course

Are you excited about the dynamic transportation industry? Do you excel at overseeing intricate logistics and guaranteeing effective supply chains? You have the chance to transform your passion into a lucrative career with the help of the University of Johannesburg’s Transport Management Course. This course provides you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the booming transportation business, along with a thorough curriculum and hands-on training.



The Diploma in Transportation Management is available from the University of Johannesburg (UJ) at NQF level 6. The Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (APB) is the location where the program is offered full-time.


  • First-year, five subjects per semester, compulsory class attendance for each subject.
  • The second year, five subjects per semester, compulsory class attendance for each subject.
  • In the third year, four subjects per semester, compulsory class attendance for each subject


  • Fill out the application form for the University of Johannesburg (found on the department’s website at https://www.uj.ac.za/faculties/cbe/Transport-and-Supply-Chain-Management/Pages/Undergraduate- Programmes. aspx). 28 September 2023 is the deadline for applications for studies beginning in 2024.
  • The application form should be accompanied by certified copies of your highest academic credentials and the first page of your identification. Do not forget to sign the application form’s final page.
  • You should sign up for three (three) subjects in the first semester and two (two) in the second.
  • When a student is accepted, they are informed.
  • Each year in January, registration for the diploma is open.
  • Any questions you may have about fees should be directed to student finances.

Advanced Diploma in Transportation Management


The goal of this qualification is to equip students who are middle managers or who aspire to be middle managers with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of transportation management so they can apply the principles of transportation management in their working environment.

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Don’t pass up the opportunity to pursue your love of transportation management. Take the first step toward a rewarding and interesting career in the transportation business by submitting your application to UJ’s Transport Management Course right away.


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