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Student Accommodation and Residence Life​

Student Accommodation & Residence Life division is mainly responsible for the accommodation of approximately 19000 students in both university owned and managed residences as well as off-campus accredited privately owned accommodation.

This is a vast division with 35 residences spread over 4 campuses at the University of Johannesburg. It should further be noted that, the total number of 35 residences are inclusive of the 7 Day Houses.
Off-campus accommodation’s accredited properties are within 2 km of each campus and where they are beyond the prescribed radius, the set condition is that service providers are obliged to provide transport. Additionally, intercampus transportation is provided for all students residing in off-campus residences and houses. The university offers to all students, a list of accredited off-campus accommodation.
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UJ has 24 residences across four campuses. Over and above the 26 residences UJ also have 4 Day Houses in the APK Campus, 1 Day House in the APB campus and 1 Day House in the DFC campus.

Auckland Park Bunting Road (APB) Campus

Auckland Park Bunting Road (APB) Campus has five residences – two senior residences and three junior residences. Both senior residences are mixed-gender residences and the junior residences are divided into two ladies’ residences and one men’s residence.

  • Broadcast Court Mixed Senior Residence
  • Goudstad Flats Post-graduates Residence
  • Horison Ladies’ Residence
  • Majuba Men’s Residence
  • Panorama Ladies’ Residence
  • Ikhayalethu Day-House

Contact Details:

Central office contact details for Bunting Road Campus:

Ms. Constance Sathekge

Tel: +27 (0)11 559 1040

Fax: +27 (0)11 559 1343

Email: constances@uj.ac.za

Doornfonten (DFC) Campus

Doornfontein Campus (DFC) has eight residences – one senior residence and seven junior residences. The junior residences are divided into two ladies’ residences and five men’s residences.

  • Aurum Ladies’ Residence
  • Dale Lace Senior Residence
  • Habitat Senior Residence
  • Jeunesse Ladie’s Residence
  • Robin Crest Men’s Residence
  • Sivebeek Men’s Resdence
  • Sun Valley Men’s Residence
  • Rolane Court Senior Ladies Residence
  • Abeilles Day house

Contact Details:

Central office contact details for this campus:

Ms.Nthabiseng Senokoane (Administrative Assistant)

Tel: +27 (0)11 559 6736

Fax: +27 (0)11 559 6401

Email: nthabisengs@uj.ac.za

Auckland Park Kingsway (APK) Campus

Auckland Park Kingsway (APK) Campus has eleven residences and four day houses. These consist of one senior residence and thirteen junior residences. The senior residence is a mixed-gender residence. Junior residences are divided into five ladies’ residences and four men’s residences. Day houses are divided into two men’s day houses and two ladies’ day houses.

  • Afslaan Men’s Residence
  • Alomdraai Ladies’ Day-House
  • Amper Daar Ladies Residence
  • Annirand Ladies’ Day-House
  • Bastion Men’s Residence
  • Benjemijn Ladies’ Residence
  • Dromedaris Men’s Residence
  • Kanniedood Men’s Day-House
  • Kruinsig Ladies’ Residence
  • Lebone Ladies’ Residence
  • Oppierif Men’s Residence
  • Skoonveld Ladies’ Residence
  • Student Town Sophiatown Residence
  • Vorendag Men’s Day-House

Contact Details:

Central office contact details for this campus:

Ms Nooreinisa Sallie

Tel: +27 (0)11 559 2033

Fax: +27 (0)11 559 2823

Email: nsallie@uj.ac.za

Student Accommodation and Residence life – Call center Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 4477 (All general inquiries)

Soweto Campus
Soweto Campus (SWC) has three residences.These consist of one mixed residence, one female residence and one male residence.
  • Hector Pieterson Mixed Residence
  • YMCA Men’s Residence
  • YWCA Ladies Residence
  • Pission of Soviet Day House

Contact Details:

  • Hector Pieterson Mixed Residence

House Warden: George Mavunga

Tel: +27(0)11 559 5570

E-mail: gmavunga@uj.ac.za

  • YMCA Men’s Residence

House Warden: Neville Dlamini

Tel: +27(0)11 559 5545

E-mail: nevilled@uj.ac.za

  • YWCA Mens’s Residence

House Warden: Mhlobowethu Hoyi

Tel: +27(0)11 559 5015

E-mail: mhoyi@uj.ac.za