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UCT Study Abroad

UCT Study Abroad

What is Student Exchange?

Are you considering doing a degree-related course of study abroad? The Student Exchange Programme sends UCT students to study at one of our international partner universities for a winter or summer term, a semester, or a year. In exchange, you will switch places with a student from the partner institution and, at the conclusion of the exchange, transfer your credits earned in courses taken at the partner university to your UCT program. In exchange, UCT will host a student from the partner university as part of its semester study abroad program.

By enrolling in an exchange course, UCT students participating in an exchange stay enrolled at UCT and pay their full tuition. You register for non-degree purposes at the partner university and are exempt from paying the partner’s tuition fees.

The cost of traveling to a different city can be an additional expense even though you won’t have to pay more in tuition at the partner university. Students who are participating in an exchange program can apply to the International Office for a 50% flight cost reimbursement. Additionally, a number of exchange placements offer stipends to cover the expense difference between living in Cape Town and another city.

Where can to out more

Opportunities to study abroad are widely sought-after and the selection procedure is hard. You must apply for a spot and meet the requirements in order to participate in an exchange program.

Throughout the second semester, they will host informational sessions. Join them to learn more about the exchange, which of the international partners offer exchange opportunities, how to apply, and how to get ready for studying abroad.

You can also join the International Exchanges Vula group to become part of a bigger community of exchange students and learn more in planned question-and-answer sessions. To learn more, sign up using the contact form on the IAPO homepage and keep an eye out for announcements.

Semester Study Abroad

Join Africa’s largest and most dynamic study-abroad programs

Do you want to complete your degree at another university while studying abroad at UCT? For students looking to spend one or two semesters experiencing life in Cape Town while finishing their degree overseas, UCT has a thriving study abroad program. SSA students are completely integrated into academic and social life at UCT and are taught alongside other UCT students.

To be accepted to the Semester Study Abroad program, you must

  • be enrolled in an institution of higher education outside of South Africa,
  • be of good academic standing at your home university,
  • have a cumulative average of 65% in your current studies (this is equivalent to a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a scale of 0.0 to 4.0 in the USA system or an upper range ‘B’ on the ECTS grading scale)
  • have completed three semesters toward your degree,
  • have met UCT’s English language admission standards.

How do I apply to go on exchange?

If you are interested in studying abroad on exchange, you will need to

  • Be registered at UCT for a full degree program at the time of application
  • Attend an information session to find out more about exchange opportunities
  • Research our partner universities to find out which offers courses matching your program requirements and what costs are involved
  • Speak to an academic advisor about your plans and how to go about selecting courses

You must have finished your first year of study, have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 65% for students who are classified as redress, or at least 70% for students who are in the non-redress (open) category, and have the approval of your faculty or academic department in order to be eligible for exchange.

Due to the requirement that all exit-level courses be taken at UCT, undergraduate students can only travel abroad during the second semester of their second year of study. Anytime during their studies, postgraduate students may participate in an exchange program.

Successful candidates will be called to an interview with the selection committee, which determines placement at the institutions with overseas partners and evaluates candidates for exchange.

Selection for exchange opportunities

During the second semester, a selection committee meets to review applications and conduct student interviews for exchange programs. You must show dedication to your studies, describe how studying abroad will advance your academic and personal goals, and describe how you would represent UCT as an ambassador in order to be taken into consideration. The committee will also take into account how well you are doing academically as well as any faculty or academic department support for your exchange.

While you will have an opportunity to select the university you would like to attend, the committee may place you with another partner. The committee decides on placements based on the suitability of the partner’s courses for your program of study, the number and location of available placements, and the number of applicants.

Partner Universities are categorized into 3 main regions. It is compulsory for students to select 1 university in each area to encourage students to select institutions based on what their course options are and not according to location exclusively.

Apply for an exchange

Click here to visit the official website for more information.


Email: iapo@uct.ac.za
Phone: +27 21 650 2822
Masingene Building,
Cross Campus Rd,
Cape Town, 7701


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