UCT Online Courses

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UCT Online Courses

UCT Online Courses

Keeping up with the times and always improving your skills are crucial for both personal and professional development in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment. In response to this requirement, the University of Cape Town (UCT) offers a broad selection of online courses created to meet the needs of students from all industries and backgrounds. UCT online courses offer a convenient and flexible method to reach your goals, whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills, migrate into a new area, or simply increase your knowledge.

There is something for everyone in the wide variety of subjects covered by UCT’s online courses. You may anticipate a superior educational experience when you sign up for UCT online courses. Experts in their disciplines who developed and presented the courses make sure you get current and pertinent information. The immersive learning environment is fostered by interactive learning platforms and interesting course materials, which encourage engagement and memory retention.

UCT online courses can support your learning interests and help you reach your goals, whether you’re a new graduate trying to stand out in the job market, a working professional looking to upgrade or reskill, or just someone who loves to study.

University of Cape Town Online courses

At UCT, both faculty and staff have access to a multitude of online learning materials. Anywhere you have internet access, online learning allows you to advance at your own speed. There is a wealth of academic content at your disposal, whether you wish to improve your research specialization or gain new abilities.


The Office for Postgraduate Studies

Links to numerous student assistance services are provided through the Office for Postgraduate Studies. For all enrolled UCT postgraduate students and postdoctoral colleagues, it offers academic development programs, postgraduate workshops, and courses.

Some of them, like the Journeys in Research Writing course, are online. Check out the events calendar. By contacting pgstudies@uct.ac.za, students can also contact the office directly for help and assistance.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The CEU supports the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of healthcare professionals by facilitating the short courses, seminars, and workshops offered by the various departments in the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences. ​

The CEU website has information on the available courses. Students can also sign up for the unit’s mailing list by emailing ce.administration@uct.ac.za with their name and email address.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) make education more accessible. Anyone with internet access can participate in them from wherever, and there are no entry restrictions.

There are various platforms for MOOCs. Although none of these free courses give official degree credits, some do award certificates of completion or participation. For certificates, certain platforms charge a fee. UCT has collaborated with US-based Coursera and UK-based Future Learn since 2015. Through these collaborations, UCT has created a wide variety of unique courses and specializations.

Additionally, UCT and a few MOOCs have arrangements in place that give UCT employees and students special access to the platforms. These consist of SUSE Academic, Kahn Academy, and LinkedIn Learning. You can access these and other resources through UCT’s Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) self-training area.


Certified short courses

UCT has developed a number of paid-for short courses available through the online learning platform Getsmarter, a brand of 2U.

Through this partnership, UCT’s expertise and career-focused curricula are available to a global audience.

University of Cape Town Online learning

With the exception of COVID-19 conditions, UCT does not offer full degree programs via remote/online channels. However, students and staff do have access to a wealth of online training courses.

These include a variety of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and certified short courses. Additionally, some postgraduate degrees are structured within a blended learning curriculum, which is a mix of online and face-to-face teaching. See more about online learning.

GetSmarter Online Short Courses

Students from all around the world have the chance to improve their skill set in a flexible manner that fits their busy schedules by combining UCT’s academic quality with GetSmarter’s cutting-edge online education delivery technology. The UCT Faculty of Commerce’s short courses are created to give working people the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in a variety of industries. With a certificate of completion from UCT as proof of your new abilities in your chosen profession, these courses can help you stand out whether you want to advance in your current position or have an impact on business success.

Browse the UCT online short courses available from the below categories:

Accounting and Bookkeeping Online Short Courses
Business Leadership Online Short Courses
Business Management Online Short Courses
Data Analysis Online Short Courses
Finance and Investment Online Short Courses
Fintech Online Short Courses
HR and Training Online Short Courses
Information Technology Online Short Courses
Management Online Short Courses
Marketing Online Short Courses
Project and Operations Management Online Short Courses
Public Sector Management and Accounting Online Short Courses

Information Technology Online Short Courses

Modern business and information technology (IT) are becoming more and more intertwined. While IT opens up new possibilities for creative and effective business procedures, it also puts businesses at risk from cybercrime. With an online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT), you may strengthen your credentials and demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about IT best practices.


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Explore the many programs that are offered, pick the classes that fit your interests and objectives, and start your transformational educational adventure with the University of Cape Town.


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