UCT Medical School – Health Sciences Education

Health Sciences Education

Established in 2015, the Department of Health Sciences Education’s (HSE) primary aim is to enhance the quality of education across the Faculty and in all teaching facilities used by the Faculty. In assisting the Faculty’s Transformation agenda in educational programmes, our goal is to ensure that our graduates are prepared for contextually-relevant clinical practice and to help foster clinical excellence.
Our establishment reflects UCT’s commitment to advancing the field of health sciences education (HSE) and generating scholarship relevant to Africa and other resource-constrained environments. This initiative is also in keeping with the Faculty’s adoption of the Primary Health Care Approach as its lead theme.
We also strive to collaborate with other groupings engaged in HSE research, teaching and service. We provide the Faculty with an academic hub for inter-disciplinary and inter-professional offerings.
Our services

  • Educational development which aligns education, training and health professional practice at both under- and postgraduate levels with all levels of health care delivery.
  • Promotion of excellence in teaching.
  • Learning and assessment at all sites of education and training.
  • Development of innovative educational responses to the unique challenges faced in the South African and African contexts.

Comprised of four divisions, our department is committed to doing and using contextually-relevant research to strengthen the science of educating and training health professionals.