UCT Handbooks

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UCT Handbooks

UCT Handbooks
The University of Cape Town (UCT) is well known for its dedication to academic quality and for offering students a wide variety of educational possibilities. UCT provides what are known as UCT Handbooks, a collection of useful materials, to help their students succeed. We will examine the importance of UCT Handbooks, how they help students, and the quantity of knowledge they offer to improve the academic journey in this SEO-optimized article.


The Handbooks on this page contain full information about the administrative rules and procedures at UCT. Please download and familiarise yourself with your faculty Handbook, as well as all of the other university-wide Handbook documents.

Commerce – 2023

  • Undergraduate
  •  Postgraduate

Corrections to the Commerce handbooks

Engineering & the Built Environment – 2023

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

Health Sciences – 2023

  • Undergraduate 
Corrections to the undergraduate handbook
  • Postgraduate

Humanities – 2023

  • Undergraduate
Corrections to the undergraduate handbook
  • Postgraduate

Law – 2023
Science – 2023

Student Housing & Residence Life

  • General Housing Information (Handbook 1, 2023)
  • General Housing Information (Handbook 1, 2024)

Authorities and Information of Record (Handbook 2, 2023)

General Rules and Policies (Handbook 3, 2023)
Academic Calendar and Meetings (Handbook 4, 2023)
Student Support and Services (Handbook 5, 2023)
Student Fees (Handbook 12, 2023)

Bursary and Loan Opportunities for Undergraduate Study (Handbook 13, 2023)

Financial Assistance for Postgraduate Study and Postdoctoral Research (Handbook 14, 2023)
Updated: 11 May 2023

Handbooks are made available for download as soon as they are published in PDF format. If a link is not active, the handbook is not yet available.

The University of Cape Town Handbooks are essential resources for students starting their academic careers there. From course descriptions and module summaries to academic policies and student support tools, they provide an array of information. Students can make wise judgments, properly arrange their study schedules, and increase their chances of success by using these handbooks. Keep in mind to frequently check the official UCT website for the most recent details and any manual updates. As your road map to academic success at one of Africa’s top universities, embrace the UCT Handbooks.


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