UCT Email

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UCT Email

At registration you will be provided with an email address in the format studentnumber@myuct.ac.za. Your mailbox is hosted on Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud and includes a free copy of Microsoft Office for the duration of your studies. Undergraduate, honours, masters and doctoral students get a 50GB mailbox, an instant messaging (IM) client and 1TB of secure cloud storage space on OneDrive.
Your Office 365 email address is supported on Windows, Mac & Linux and is accessible using Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Your myUCT email address is an ‘email address for life’, meaning that it will still be available after you graduate (should you not graduate, you will not retain your email address). Your email address will change to firstname.surname@alumni.uct.ac.za once you graduate.

Access your mailbox

  1. Open a browser and go to https://outlook.com/myuct.ac.za.
  2. Sign in using your studentnumber@myuct.ac.za and your password.
  3. Your mailbox opens.

Server settings for your myUCT account

These email settings should be used when setting up IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) email clients on your desktop or mobile devices.

Incoming mail server settingsOutgoing mail server settings
Username: Studentnumber@myuct.ac.za
Password: Your UCT Network password
Server: outlook.office365.com
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL
Username: Studentnumber@myuct.ac.za
Password: Your UCT Network password
Server Name: smtp.office365.com
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS


Access OneDrive

  1. To download the app for your desktop, tablet or phone, visit the OneDrive webpage.
  2. Sign in to the OneDrive website using your UCT email address and password.

Once you leave UCT, you will no longer be able to access OneDrive. You will therefore need to move any data you had in this location to other storage. Microsoft has provided step-by-step instructions on how to sync your saved data from OneDrive to your computer. Thereafter, you can easily move it either to another online storage solution or to an external hard drive.