UCT Courses Commerce Undergraduate

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UCT Courses Commerce Undergraduate

UCT Courses Commerce Undergraduate

Welcome to the thorough reference on UCT Courses for Undergraduates in Commerce! You’ve come to the correct place if you’re thinking about enrolling in the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) business program. UCT is known for the quality of its education and provides a vast selection of courses designed to satisfy the requirements of the rapidly changing corporate world.

The UCT undergraduate degree in commerce is created to give students a solid foundation in business ideas and practices, enabling them to succeed in a variety of sectors and businesses. Whether finance, marketing, economics, or entrepreneurship are your areas of expertise, UCT has a wide range of courses to suit your interests and professional goals.

The undergraduate program in commerce at UCT offers a flexible curriculum that enables students to customize their education to fit their unique interests and professional aspirations. UCT provides specialized courses and elective options that appeal to many disciplines within the commerce industry, whether you want to work as a financial analyst, or marketing manager, or launch your own firm. UCT Courses Undergraduate

Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Management Studies

The BCom in Management Studies is a good fit for students who want to find out which aspects of commerce they enjoy the most, as it is the most flexible degree offered by the faculty. It gives students the ability to discover what they want to get a deeper understanding of during their first and second years of study and make adjustments before their final year.

Bachelor of Business Science specializing in Analytics

The BBusSc in Analytics is an introductory look into a multidisciplinary field that incorporates statistics and computer science while using quantitative skills in business. This degree is offered in collaboration with and is convened by the Department of Statistical Sciences in the Faculty of Science. Students register in the Faculty of Commerce.

There are a variety of undergraduate options within the sections that fall under management studies.  

  • Actuarial Science and Quantitative Finance (BCom and BBusSc)
  • Marketing (BBusSc)
  • Organisational Psychology (BBusSc, BA, and BSocSc)

Applying to the Commerce EDU

Undergraduate applications open on 1 April and close on 31 July for study in the following year. All applications must be made via the UCT Online Applications portal.

To apply directly to the Commerce EDU, it is important that you select the Academic Development Programme when you apply.

Commerce Faculty Admission Requirements

The Faculty of Commerce has specific entry requirements that applicants completing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) must meet. Please note the following minimum requirements:

  • English Home Language (HL) – 50%
  • English First Additional Language (FAL) – 60%
  • Mathematics – 60% [70% is required for Computer Science and Analytics, and 80% is required for Actuarial Science]
  • It is compulsory for all applicants to write the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs). There are two tests – Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) and Mathematics (MAT).

Please refer to the UCT Undergraduate Prospectus for full details of the admission requirements for Commerce. The prospectus also has information on the degrees offered by other faculties, which is useful when considering a second choice during the application process.

UCT Commerce: undergraduate

The Faculty of Commerce offers the following undergraduate degrees and diplomas:

Advanced Diploma in Actuarial Science

Commerce offers 2 undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom).

Both degrees are offered as standard or Academic Development (AD) programs. Applicants who meet the requirements for the AD BCom or BBusSc programs may plan to complete their degree over the standard or an extended period (depending on their faculty points score). The standard period for the BCom is 3 years and the BBusSc is 4 years.

Bachelor of Business Science
In Actuarial Science
In Actuarial Science specializing in Quantitative Finance

Bachelor of Business Science specializing in
Computer Science
Economics with Law
Finance with Accounting
Information Systems
Organizational Psychology

Bachelor of Commerce
In Actuarial Science
In Actuarial Science specializing in Quantitative Finance

Bachelor of Commerce specializing in
Economics and Finance
Economics with Law
Economics and Statistics
Financial Accounting: General Accounting
Financial Accounting: Chartered Accountant
Financial Accounting: Accounting with Law
Information Systems
Information Systems and Computer Science
Information Systems and Finance
Management Studies
Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)

Please note: for detailed information on these degrees and diplomas please consult the Commerce Faculty Handbook.


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