UCT Courses Commerce Undergraduate

UCT Courses Commerce Undergraduate

UCT Courses Undergraduate The Faculty of Commerce offers the following undergraduate degrees and diplomas:


  • Advanced Diploma in Actuarial Science

Commerce offers 2 undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom).

Both degrees are offered as standard or Academic Development (AD) programmes. Applicants who meet the requirements for the AD BCom or BBusSc programmes may plan to complete their degree over the standard or an extended period (depending on their faculty points score). The standard period for the BCom is 3 years and the BBusSc is 4 years.

Bachelor of Business Science
In Actuarial Science
In Actuarial Science specializing in Quantitative Finance

Bachelor of Business Science specializing in

  • Analytics
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Economics with Law
  • Finance with Accounting
  • Finance with Economics
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Psychology

Bachelor of Commerce

  • In Actuarial Science
  • In Actuarial Science specializing in Quantitative Finance

Bachelor of Commerce specializing in

  • Economics and Finance
  • Economics with Law
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Financial Accounting: General Accounting
  • Financial Accounting: Chartered Accountant
  • Financial Accounting: Accounting with Law
  • Information Systems
  • Information Systems and Computer Science
  • Management Studies
  • Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)

Please note: for detailed information on these degrees and diplomas please consult the Commerce Faculty handbook.


UCT registration procedures;

 Admission Eligibility 

Admission requirements vary depending on the major you wish to study. Criteria for certificate, diploma and degree courses are listed below:

 Undergraduate Certificate Studies

To confirm eligibility for admission to undergraduate certificate courses, applicants should consult the opinion of the Admissions Office or relevant faculty members.

 Undergraduate Studies

The minimum requirement for admission to undergraduate degree studies is the Umalusi-certified National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a score of 3 (moderate achievement, 4049%) or higher. up in 4 subjects recognized by NSC 20 credits.

Undergraduate Studies

To be eligible for admission to degree studies, applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements:

  • South African National Advanced Certificate (NSC) holders must pass pass a minimum of 4 subjects with a grade of 4 (Satisfactory, 5059 %) or higher in four NSC subjects of 20 credits.
  • South African Advanced Diploma applicants require enrollment approval.
  • Applicants with a non-South African school leaving certificate must be eligible for a certificate of exemption from registration. For more information, please visit the Admissions Committee website.