SACTWU Bursary

SACTWU Bursary 2019/2020

SACTWU Bursaries

SACTWU bursary programme offers members and their dependents financial academic support at South African Universities, Technikons and other higher education institutions that are registered with the National Department of Education.
This Bursary scheme was founded in 1975 with a small contribution by the members to support the education costs of their children and dependents. The bursary will only cover 75% of fees to a maximum of R35 000 per year and any remaining costs must be paid by the student.
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Download the application form below and apply now for to the SACTWU Bursary 2019 – 2020 funding.

About South African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU)

SACTWU or the South African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union is a trade union in the fashion manufacturing industry registered in under the provisions of the Labour Relations Act in South Africa. It is the largest clothing and textile trade union in many South African towns.
SACTWU has offices across the country in Salt River, Atlantis, Paarl, Oudtshoorn, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Tongaat, Pietermaritzburg, Ladysmith, Newcastle, Pinetown, Isithebe, Port Shepstone, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Botshabelo and QwaQwa.

SACTWU Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • SACTWU qualified members
  • SACTWU qualified member’s spouse
  • SACTWU qualified member’s children/dependents and legally adopted children who are not more than 25 years old and are not employed

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Download and complete the SACTWU Bursary Application Form (pdf)
  2. The following certified copy documents must be submitted with the application form:
    • Student’s ID
    • Member’s ID
    • ID size photo of the applicant
    • Latest certified copy of member’s proof of income
    • Statement of account from the institution
    • Matriculation certificate if 1st year of study or 1st-time applicant
    • The academic record for previous years of study (all years)
    • Unabridged birth certificate indicating parents name
    • Proof of Guardianship
    • Letter from Department of Social Development /Court Order
    • Member’s marriage certificate and the member and spouse ID
    • Death certificate of student’s biological parents
    • Proof of Marriage and copies of ID for member/spouse ( in the case of an application for spouse)
    • An affidavit from member re status of employment (if the member has been retrenched)
    • An affidavit from the applicant stating employed/unemployed if studying part-time or through correspondence
      (if employed part-time/contract – attach payslip)
    • Completed Application Form to join SASU (only applicable to child dependants)
  3. Submit the complete application to the contact details indicated below.
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Closing Date

28 February 2019 – 1st semester
8 August 2019 – 2nd semester

Contact Details

Address: 3RD Floor – James Bolton Hall P.O. Box 18359 127 Magwaza Maphalala Street Dalbridge 4014 Durban 4001
Post: PO Box, 18359, Dalbridge, 4014
Tel:  (031) 301-1351
Fax: (031) 305-1039