Psychology at University of Fort Hare

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Psychology at University of Fort Hare

Psychology at University of Fort Hare

Are you drawn to studying the depths of human behavior and the complexity of the human mind? The psychology school at the University of Fort Hare is the only place to look. The university provides budding psychologists with an ideal study environment because of its strong academic tradition and dedication to quality. In this piece, we’ll examine the program’s high points, the faculty’s areas of specialization, and the special benefits it offers students hoping to work in psychology.

Department of Psychology
Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Psychology as a discipline embraces all aspects of the human experience – from the functions of the brain cell to social conflicts within or between societies, from child development to care for the aged, from daily life challenges such as family, education, and work to mental health problems.
You may choose to study psychology because it is an interesting subject or you may decide to study psychology because you want to become a psychologist. In any case, we are convinced that our Department in Alice and our Department in East London (E) will offer you interesting undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


For students interested in pursuing professions in psychology professionally, this course offers a thorough examination. The program is designed for students who want to pursue academic, research, or other professional interests as well as post-graduate applied professional training.

The program lasts for one year and is provided full-time. For students studying honors at either delivery site, a minimum of 7 modules are needed. Students will be qualified to take the Professional Board examination for registration as a Registered Counselor because the Professional Board for Psychology considers the degree to be equivalent to a BPsych. An additional six-month internship will be needed for students who want to become Registered Counselors.

Prerequisites for admission
Except by permission of the Senate, a person may be admitted as a learner only if s/he has taken Psychology as a major for a Bachelor’s degree and has obtained a final mark of not less than 60% therein, and complies with such other selection criteria as laid down by the lecturers concerned.  Prospective learners may have to present themselves for a personal interview.


Counseling Psychology master’s degree (coursework and a brief dissertation) Three papers (Therapeutic Interventions, Community Interventions, and Assessment), a practical program, and a research project make up the Counseling Psychology Master’s degree. The degree aims to prepare psychologists to fulfill South Africans’ needs in evolving social environments. The Department is recognized as a training institute, and the degree satisfies the standards of the Professional Board for Psychology for entry to an internship in counseling psychology.

Through the Psychological Services Centre, internships are available. Students who have completed all of their coursework and meet the requirements for the practical program are eligible to apply for internship positions. The Health Professions Council of South Africa will allow students to register as counseling psychologists if they have successfully completed their degrees, internships, and Board exams.

Career Possibilities

The University of Fort Hare’s psychology degree prepares its graduates for a variety of job opportunities. Students are prepared for positions in clinical settings, academic institutions, research organizations, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations through this degree. Whether you want to work as a clinical psychologist, a counselor, a researcher, or a social worker, the program gives you the skills you need to get started. Additionally, the University of Fort Hare offers exceptional prospects for career placements and professional development because of its extensive alumni network and industry links.

Psychological Services Centre

Welcome to the University of Fort Hare’s Psychological Services Center (PSC). The PSC focuses on providing services in the fields of research, tertiary education, and psychotherapy.

Psychologists and intern psychologists work at the center. The Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has registered all PSC employees as well as their managers. Therefore, you can rest confident that the services we offer are of the highest caliber possible.

PSC provides solo, couples, and family therapy sessions in addition to group therapy sessions for its psychotherapy services.

Although the PSC provides services for a wide range of mental health needs, our activities are particularly concentrated on helping young people in rural, historically underserved communities, women and children who have been the victims of violence and abuse, people who are dealing with the mental health needs associated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and people who are dealing with family mental health.

Contact Us

Ms. Z Mnguni
Faculty Manager
Social Science and Humanities,
University of Fort Hare
Private Bag X1314, Alice, 5700, South Africa
Tel: 040-602 2242 / 2379 / 2233
Fax: 040-602 2591 / 086 692 9192

At the University of Fort Hare, seize the chance to explore the intricacies of human behavior and start a satisfying journey.


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