Psychology At The University Of Cape Town

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Psychology At The University Of Cape Town

Psychology At The University Of Cape Town

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at UCT. If you’re not currently studying with us, but are interested in studying Psychology, we believe we can offer you outstanding training in Psychology, certainly among the best in South Africa. As of September 2016, they are the only Psychology department from Africa in the QS World University Rankings’ top 150. We offer undergraduate training, as well as postgraduate training leading to professional registration as a psychologist. Please use this website to browse our offerings.
We are also one of the leading research departments in South Africa. Our staff members have considerable expertise in a number of areas and have contributed important original research to national and international journals. They strive in every way to produce the highest quality in the teaching of psychology and its research. We invite you to join us in the exploration and promotion of the vibrant discipline of Psychology.
The Department’s teaching and research interests are concentrated in a number of areas. In general terms, its strengths lie in clinical psychology and in research, and in more specific terms, in areas such as child development, gender, psychological trauma, social psychology, cognitive psychology, research methodology and statistics, psychoanalytic theory, and neuropsychology.
If you are already registered with us as a student, please use the links on this website to find course materials and other resources that we make available to you.

Applying for Undergraduate Studies in Psychology at UCT

International applicants (including SADC applicants)

Applicants who are citizens of countries other than South Africa should contact the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) for more information.

Application Procedure

Applicants must follow these steps:
1. Follow the UCT application procedure (available here), and complete the relevant application forms. Closing dates for undergraduate applications may be viewed on the above website.
2. Ascertain whether they meet our admission criteria. Please see the Admission Requirements section of the Humanities Faculty website.
3. If you want to find out about entrance tests (AL and QL/AQL), which you may be required to take, please see the National Benchmark Tests site.
4. Please also read about fees and the fee structure, as well as financial aid.

Overview of Graduate Programmes
Several programs are available, at various levels. Click on the program names below for more information:
Honours in Psychology – B.SocSci (Hons)
Masters degrees

  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology – This degree leads to registration as a Clinical Psychologist. Students are required to complete coursework, a dissertation, and a clinical internship. The degree takes two years to complete.
  • M.A. in Psychological Research – This is a degree by coursework (25%) and dissertation (75%). An honours degree in Psychology, with an overall average mark of 70% or more, is a requirement for admission.
  • M.A. in Neuro-Psychology- This degree requires coursework and a dissertation and takes two years to complete.
  • M.SocSci in Psychology – This degree is by dissertation only, and takes between eighteen and twenty-four months to complete. An Honours degree in Psychology, with an overall mark of 70% or more, is a requirement for admission.

Ph.D. in Psychology – Ph.D. – This degree is open to all applicants with a suitable academic background, typically a Masters’s degree in Psychology, but postgraduate degrees in other disciplines may be recognized for this purpose as well. The degree is by dissertation only and typically takes between three and five years to complete.

Professional Registration

To become a Psychologist in one of the recognized areas of Psychology, namely Clinical, Counselling, Educational, Organisational, and Research Psychology, a student must complete a recognized Masters’s degree in Psychology and an appropriate practicum at a recognized training institution. The duration of the practicum is 12 months.
The Department of Psychology at the University of Cape Town provides training leading towards registration in Clinical Psychology. The School of Management Studies in the Faculty of Commerce provides training leading towards registration in the fields of Organisational Psychology.

Visit the Department of Psychology website.

Contact Us

Tel: +27 21 650-3417
Fax: +27 21 650-4104

Department of Psychology
University of Cape Town
South Africa


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