NMMU Prospectus 2024

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NMMU Prospectus 2024

NMMU Prospectus 2024

It’s essential to have access to comprehensive information when selecting the best university. If Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) is on your list of potential institutions for further study, you’re in luck! In this article, we’re going to look at the NMMU Prospectus, a useful tool that gives a comprehensive picture of the university’s offers, programs, facilities, and more.

The NMMU Prospectus is intended to help you decide on your alternatives for higher education, whether you’re a prospective undergraduate or postgraduate student.

With the NMMU Prospectus in hand, you can browse the extensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programs, each of which is tailored to the requirements and preferences of prospective students. The prospectus offers comprehensive information on the admission standards, program structures, and the knowledge and skills you can anticipate acquiring throughout your academic career at NMMU.

NB: The Council and Senate of Nelson Mandela University accept no liability for any errors or omissions, despite the best efforts made to ensure the accuracy of the material in this Prospectus. The only academic year covered by this prospectus is 2024. The Nelson Mandela University website provides details on the course curriculum and learning outcomes.

Student services

On university campuses, a variety of student services and support resources are available to help you with every area of student life, from choosing a course of study to locating a position that suits you after graduation. You can enjoy yourself as you learn at the university because it offers a wide range of social and cultural activities. There is a wide variety of sports, associations, groups, clubs, and facilities, enabling you to meet new people, connect with other students, and learn about topics of interest to both of you.

Financial facts

You must ascertain whether you will have enough money to pay for your studies before enrolling as a student. Enrollment, registration, and tuition costs, books, stationery, transportation, meals, lodging, materials and lab fees, sporting goods, and general living expenditures are all included in the price of higher education.

Nelson Mandela University provides full-time students with financial aid in the form of bursaries, merit awards, scholarships, and study loans for those who perform exceptionally well in their academic studies. Additionally, there are a variety of sports awards available for elite athletes and those with exceptional potential.


The university offers a variety of on-campus housing choices. These comprise the dorms on the Summerstrand and George campuses of the university as well as the Student Villages in Summerstrand, which are self-contained apartments for senior students. Early application is crucial because space is limited. It is important for prospective students to understand that acceptance into an academic program does not guarantee acceptance into an on-campus apartment. Applications for residence must be submitted by 30 September 2023. Late applications won’t be accepted. Contact us at (041) 504 3690/1416, resadmissions@mandela.ac.za, or visit our website at Mandela.ac.za/student housing for more information.


Living off campus is preferred by some students. You can board at nearby private residences or rent apartments and houses for off-campus living. The institution provides a service to help students find appropriate off-campus housing. Please contact (041) 504 2921 or offcampus.accomodation@mandela.ac.za for additional details about off-campus housing.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Prospectus

Please familiarise yourself with the following topics found in the General Prospectus that you can download:

  • General Rules for All Qualifications
  • General Rules for B Tech Degrees
  • General Rules for Honours Degrees
  • General Rules for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Sensitive Treatises / Dissertations / Theses

Prospectuses for all our faculties are also available to you here.

Contact Us

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Email: info@mandela.ac.za

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