How to Apply to University of the Western Cape

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How to Apply to University of the Western Cape

How to Apply to University of the Western Cape

Applying to university can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. If you’re thinking about applying to the University of the Western Cape (UWC), you’re in the right place. This article will guide you step-by-step through the UWC application process, including application requirements and key tips to increase your chances of a successful application. Let’s jump in!

Important Notice
  • To apply online, candidates must have a working email address. Email will be used for all correspondence from the university regarding your application. If you don’t have a working email address, you can set one up using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or any other email service provider you like.
  • Please make sure you have completely filled out the area on the online form if you are a person with a disability so we can get in touch with you about your support needs. Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities if you have any questions about disability support at the university by sending an email to or calling +27 21 959 4170.
  • Click here to apply for UWC Residence if you have already applied to study at UWC and want to apply for UWC RESIDENCE as well. For the Residence application Guide, go here. Due to the restricted availability of residence placement, not all candidates can be accepted. Based on placement requirements and space availability, only those applicants who have received study offers from the university will be chosen (not all applicants who have received study offers can be accommodated). You can reach or call +27 21 959 2569 with any questions about housing.

Application information

Apply Online

How can I apply?

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply online via the online application portal
  • Applicants wanting to submit a hardcopy application may collect these from the University and submit their application form at the University or via post.  Applicants may not apply via email or fax

To apply online click here

  • You may apply for a maximum of TWO program choices
  • Try to keep your options open, especially when applying for programs in Faculties such as Dentistry, Community and Health Sciences, and Law
  • There is NO application fee payable
  • Applications close on 30 September 2023

 2 – Acknowledgement Of Application

  • After completion of the online application form you will receive a letter via email from the University acknowledging receipt of your application
  • The acknowledgment letter will contain your APPLICANT NUMBER
  • This applicant number is to be used in all communication with the University
  • You will also receive a brochure indicating the SUPPORTING documents that you will need to submit to the University by the application closing dates for your application to be considered complete

 3 – Upload Supporting Documentation

  • To upload supporting documents, go to complete the form and upload the required documents
  • Current Matriculants do not need to upload any supporting documentation
  • Already Matriculated: Upload your matric certificate/foreign school leaving certificate
  • Attending Another Tertiary Institution: Upload a certified copy of your academic record and certificate of good conduct, stamped by the institution’s registrar

4 – Offer To Study

  • Successful applicants will receive communication via email offering a firm place and information about registration and orientation for 2021
  • Once a FIRM/FINAL offer is received, applicants will be required to ACCEPT the offer within the designated time
  • Should you not ACCEPT your offer in the designated period you will forfeit your place to study (your offer will expire)
  • You may, however, call or email the UWC Contact Centre and enquire as to whether your offer is still available even after it has expired and have it accepted on your behalf
  • Applicants who have accepted their offers will receive communication via email informing them about registration and orientation for 2024.

You’ll be well-equipped to handle the application procedure and improve your chances of being admitted if you follow our step-by-step manual. Keep track of everything, send in all the required paperwork, and communicate clearly with the admissions officer.


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