DUT Application Fee

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DUT Application Fee

DUT Application Fee

When considering higher education institutions in South Africa, Durban University of Technology (DUT) stands out as a leading choice for many students. If you plan to further your academic dreams at DUT, it’s important to understand the application procedure, including the application fee. In this article, we will provide you with complete details regarding the Durban University of Technology application fee, its importance, and how to go about this aspect of the admissions process. DUT Application Fee

Choosing Criteria for Application Fee

The exact amount of the application fee at DUT can change depending on several factors. These factors may include the level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate), the program or course of study, and the applicant’s nationality or residency status. It is essential to check the official DUT website or admissions office to obtain precise, current, and up-to-date information regarding the current application fee for your specific circumstances.

Minimum First Registration Installment for 2024

First Installment (Non-Residence Students)

The following first installment is compulsory on the day of registration:

  • Annual Students – Tuition Only: R 4 610.00
  • Tuition Only for Semester Students: R 2, 830.00 (Take note that this charge only applies to students who need to register for one semester, often those who have one semester left to finish a degree. The Annual First Installment, which is R4 610.00, will be charged to students enrolled in a program with modules provided in both Semester 1 and Semester 2 in the same year. They must register for both semesters at the start of the year.
First Installment (Residence Students)

The following first installment is compulsory on the day of registration:

  • Annual Students – Tuition plus Residence: R 9 470.00
  • Semester Students – Tuition and Dormitory Fees: R 5 810.00 (Please note that this fee applies to students who are only required to register for one semester, usually with only one semester remaining to qualify. Students taking programs offered in both semesters of the same year must register for both semesters at the beginning of the year and receive the first annual installment i.e. R9 470.00)

NB: Single registration students will be charged the annual 1st installment (ie. Those students who are registering for both 1st and 2nd semesters at the beginning of the year.


Cashiers (Fees Office)

Please note that no money will be paid to anyone other than university officials. Cash registers (toll booths) in various places. Students must request an official receipt as proof of payment. The University accepts no responsibility if this procedure is not followed.


Direct deposit limits the amount of cash available on campus, so students who do not pay their fees directly to their designated bank must be prepared to spend a lot of time in line at the cash register.

Standard Bank Account Number: 05050 5416 Branch Code: 040126

Students with valid admission numbers must pay their tuition fees directly to the university. University bank account with mandatory M65 form (deposit slip). these Forms are available from the DUT website.

DUT Application Fee

Once you understand current application fees, payment methods, potential fee waivers, and financial assistance programs, you can confidently begin your educational journey at DUT. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on registration fees and related details, we recommend visiting the official DUT website or contacting the Admissions Office.

Durban University of Technology (DUT) Contact Information

  • Address: P O Box 1334, Durban 4000
  • Durban Switchboard: 031 373 2000
  • Midlands Switchboard: 033 845 8800
  • E-mail: info@dut.ac.za

Financial Aid

  • Tel: 031 373 2553 (Dbn)
  • Tel: 033 845 8890 (Midlands)

Visit Durban University of Technology (DUT)’s Official Website.


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