DUT Admission Contact

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DUT Admission Contact

DUT Admission Contact

Do you want to attend the respected Durban University of Technology (DUT) to further your education? Getting accepted into the program of your choice is a crucial step in reaching your academic and professional goals. It is essential to have correct and current information regarding DUT admission contact details in order to ensure a smooth and effective application process. We will give you thorough instructions on how to get in touch with DUT for admission-related questions in this article, enabling you to start your academic journey without any problems.

The Purpose of Admission Contact at DUT

Having access to trustworthy contact information is essential when applying for admission to DUT. The admission contact serves as the link between prospective students and the institution, offering direction, support, and details about the application procedure, entry requirements, deadlines, and any other questions pertaining to admission. By getting in touch with the DUT admissions staff, you can ask questions, voice concerns, and acquire all the facts you need to decide how to proceed with your application.

General DUT Admission Contact

Durban Switchboard: 031 373 2000
Midlands Switchboard: 033 845 8800 / 031 373 6031
E-mail: info@dut.ac.za
P O Box 1334, Durban 4000
Financial Aid
Tel: 031 373 2553
Tel: 033 845 8890 / 031 373 3134/5 (Midlands)Maps and GPS Coordinates

Financial Balance or Examination Results 
SMS the following to 34763
For Financial balance:
For Exam results:
or Telephone: 083 913 5006
Enquries for Student Fees:
031 373 5164 / 031 373 2379

Enquiries for Student Records:
Faculty of Accounting and Informatics – 031 373 5152 / 031 373 5826
Faculty of Applied Sciences – 031 373 2506 / 031 373 2717
Faculty of Arts and Design – 031 373 6523 / 031 373 6521 / 031 373 6519
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment – 031 373 2186 / 031 373 2718 / 031 373 3040/1
Faculty of Health Sciences – 031 373 2446 / 031 373 2566 / 031 373 2702
Faculty of Management Sciences – 031 373 5441

Registrars Offices

Admission Contact Details for National Diploma

Durban – Student Admissions
Switchboard: 031 373 2000

Midlands – Student Administration Enquiries
Ms Bandu: Management Science
033 845 8815 / 031 373 6040 / 6030 / 6054
Ms Tshabalal: Education & Civil Engineering
033 845 8951

Admission Contact Details for BTech, MTech and DTech Qualifications

Faculty of Accounting & Informatics  031 373 5826
Auditing and Taxation
Financial Accounting
Finance and Information Management (Midlands)
Information and Corporate Management (Library and Information Studies & Office Management and Technology)
Information Technology
Management Accounting

Faculty of Applied Science  031 373 2506
Biotechnology and Food Technology
Clothing and Textile Studies
Food and Nutrition Consumer Sciences
Maritime Studies
Maths, Statistics and Physics
Sport Studies

Faculty of Arts  031 373 6520
Drama and Production Studies (Drama Studies and Production Studies)
Fashion and Textiles
Fine Art and Jewellery Design
Media, Language and Communication (Language Practice, Translation & Interpreting Practice, Journalism)
School of Education
Video Technology
Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography)

Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment  031 373 3040/1 / 2186
Architectural Technology
Chemical Engineering and Pulp & Paper Technology
Civil Engineering and Surveying DBN
Civil Engineering and Surveying PMB
Construction Management and Quantity Surveying
Electrical Power Engineering
Electronic and Computer Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Town and Regional Planning

Faculty of Health  031 373 2446
Basic Medical Sciences Department
Biomedical and Clinical Technology
Chiropractic and Somatology
Community Health Studies
Dental Sciences
Emergency Medical Care and Rescue

Faculty of Management Sciences  031 373 5441
Applied Law
Applied Management (Midlands)
Business Studies Unit
Entrepreneurial Studies and Management
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Resources Management
Marketing Retail and Public Relations
Operations and Quality Management
Public Management and Economics
Regional Governance and Development (Midlands)

You can also contact the DUT Admissions department to follow up on your application at the following contact number:

WhatsApp DUT Admissions

@ +27 834451282/ +27 834460459/ +27 834541495/+27 834543477/ +27 834516751/ +27 834413766

Telephone: +27 31 373 5005

Contact details for SAQA

Address: Postnet Suite 248, Private Bag X06, Waterkloof, 0145

Website: www.saqa.org.za

Email: dfqeas@saqa.org.za

In addition, a prospective student must meet departmental entry requirements as advised on the institution’s career leaflet or handbook.

Contact details for the Matriculation Board

Address:1267 Pretorius Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0001

Website: http://mb.usaf.ac.za

Email: applications@usaf.ac.za

In addition, a prospective student must meet departmental entry requirements as advised on the institution’s career leaflet or handbook.



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