Details Of University of Stellenbosch Application 2024/2025

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Details Of University of Stellenbosch Application 2024/2025


Details Of University of Stellenbosch Application 2024/2025: SU Online Application Forms

Stellenbosch University (Universiteit Stellenbosch in Afrikaans) is a public research university in Stellenbosch, South Africa’s Western Cape province. Stellenbosch University, together with the University of Cape Town, is the oldest college in South Africa and the oldest extant college in Sub-Saharan Africa, having been founded on the same day in 1918. [needs citation] SUNSAT, Africa’s first microsatellite, was designed and synthesised by Stellenbosch University (abbreviated as SU) and launched in 1999.

Stellenbosch University will be Africa’s leading research-intensive university, known for being excellent, inclusive, and innovative, and for advancing knowledge in the service of society.

Stellenbosch University is a research-intensive university that attracts exceptional students, employs talented staff, and provides a world-class environment; a location connected to the globe that enriches and transforms local, continental, and global societies.


To apply to the University of Stellenbosch Application, you need the documents below:

  • A certified copy of the green barcoded ID
  • Proof of payment of any relevant application fees
  • Certified copy of grade 11 results and any latest grade 12 results

Online Application System

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For a full list of tips to remember before you apply, read here. Applicants must check individual further requirements for each course and each tertiary institution. Please also be aware of NBTs and check with your university if you need NBT results to apply. For more information on NBT’s click here. SU Online Application Forms
FYI: South African learners wishing to apply online will need a working email address and an ID number. Foreign learners wishing to apply will need to have their passport numbers.

Stellenbosch University Contact Details


Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1,
Matieland, 7602,
Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • Telephone: +27 21 808 9111
  • Fax: +27 21 808 3822
  • E-mail:

Please visit Stellenbosch University (SU)’s Official Website.



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