CPUT Transportation Information

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CPUT Transportation Information

CPUT Transportation Information

Comprehensive Guide to CPUT Transportation Information:

When commuting to Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), it’s important to have access to reliable traffic information. Whether you’re a student, an employee, or a traveler, understanding the different modes of transportation, routes, timetables, and policies available can greatly enhance your commuting experience. This article provides a comprehensive guide to CPUT transport information to ensure you understand all the details you need to navigate effectively.


Our campuses are easily reachable via various transport networks. Listed below are links to some of the transport services that operate in and around the Cape Peninsula.

The City of Cape Town’s Dial-a-Ride service provides transportation services to persons with disabilities who, due to the nature of their disability, cannot use other public transportation. MyCiTi express bus services also include buses that are easily accessible for people with disabilities.

CPUT Shuttle: Resident Student Information

The university has previously worked with private contractors to provide student transportation services, including critical connections between dormitories and campus grounds. The contracted shuttle system is believed to require both operational and strategic restructuring. Successful university operations require good connectivity between campuses, which also reduces the university’s carbon footprint. The CPUT shuttle system is the university’s eco-friendly initiative.

CPUT Shuttle: Day Student using Public Transport Information

One of the considerations is to make the subway station a major hub, integrating and complementing the shuttle service with metropolitan rail services so that employees and students using metropolitan services can provide the shuttle service they desire is to.

CPUT Shuttle: Day Student using Private Transport Information

To save on transportation costs, students and employees can park at the nearest campus or dormitory and take a shuttle to their respective campuses. If public transportation is closer to the student or staff than the CPUT campus or dormitory, you may use public transportation, and a shuttle will pick you up from that stop and take you to the appropriate campus.

CPUT Shuttle: Wellington Student Information

Successful university operations require proper connectivity between campus sites. The Wellington campus is not conveniently located from Wellington or Pearl Stations. Students on the Wellington campus will be able to access resources from other campus locations where access is restricted when taking the shuttle. However, the shuttle does not function as a metro bus with dedicated drop-off and pick-up options.

CPUT Shuttle: Athlone Student Information

Shuttles not only provide residence-to-campus services, the connection between campus and dormitory. Connections are made to certain shopping centers and nearby public transport at key times. The University recognized the need for a suitable connection to the Grote Schur Hospital and established a connection to this facility.

Cape Town International Airport
Golden Arrow Bus Services
Minibus taxis
MyCiTi rapid bus service

Navigating transportation options in CPUT doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Familiarizing yourself with available public transportation, campus shuttles, bike/walking paths, and parking options can make traveling to and from CPUT convenient and efficient. Stay up-to-date with the latest traffic information through the CPUT official website and related mobile apps to ensure a smooth journey at all times. 

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