CPUT Online Application 2024-2025

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CPUT Online Application 2024-2025

CPUT Online Application 2024-2025

CPUT Important Information to Know about for 2024 Applications

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Online Application for Admission to the 2024-2025 academic year opens on 16 May 2023 and close on 30 September 2023. Know the following stated below before you apply to study at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Online 2024-2025.

1. CPUT Closing Dates 2024

Make sure you are aware of the closing dates of the various universities you are intended to apply to.

  • Your application must reach the University before the closing date (30 September 2023) in order to be considered.
  • For University application dates see the CPUT official site menu

2. Online Vs Postage or Courier

Be aware of how your application must reach the University. Some universities have an online application process while other universities require you to post or courier your application so that they have the physical copy.

  • Make sure you allow for the amount of time that postage and delivery take.

3. Exam Results

Make sure you have all your exam results from Grade 11 and June matric exam marks on hand. You will need to submit these results to the University with the application.

  • You will need to submit a certified copy of these results. Never send the originals!

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FYI: Some universities require you to complete a National Benchmark Test (NBT). Find out more here and check with the institution if you need to complete one.

4. Make sure all details are correct

Forms can be a pain to fill in, and are often complicated! Go through the forms slowly and make sure you fill in each part of the form carefully so that you do not make mistakes.

  • Consider doing your application in pencil before you fill it in with a pen.
  • A black ballpoint pen is usually the accepted method for filling in forms, put the purple pen away!

How to Apply CPUT Online Application Form 2024-2025

In order to apply to Cape Peninsula University of Technology, CPUT Online for 2024, follow the steps below:

  • Visit CPUT website at www.cput.ac.za online and apply 2024
  • Choose a qualification and special requirements
  • Gather your documents or upload further/ outstanding documents
  • Get an application form (manual applications only)
  • Complete your application (manual and online)
  • Pay the application fee (manual applications only)
  • Send in your form and documents (manual applications only)
  • Online application
  • Follow up and get your CPUT admission status check for 2024
  • Apply for Residence

For more details, www.cput.ac.za

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