CPUT Other Important Information

CPUT Important Information

It is important to adhere to the term dates.I f you arrive prior to the commencement of the university terms, you may not be able to enter the residence immediately and will have to make alternative arrangements. The International Office can supply you with contact details for possible short-term accommodation.
Registration takes place during the first two weeks of the first semester. As the CPUT Orientation Week also takes place at this time, it is particularly important that you arrive at the start of the term to take full advantage of all the services and information sessions available.
It is important that you arrive on the day of your registration or before so as to avoid disappointment. If you do not arrive on time, you run the risk of loosing your position to other applicants on the waiting list. Should you have a valid reason that is causing your delay, kindly inform your Faculty Office in writing.
In order to register you will need:

  • your study permit
  • a valid passport
  • proof of payment of tuition fees for the current year
  • proof of medical cover valid in South Africa or your completed medical insurance form and proof of payment
  • your provisional acceptance letter.

Emergency Numbers

  • SAP Flying Squad: 10111
  • Campus Protection Services (CPS) 24-hour hotline: 021 650 2222/3
  • Student Health Services: 021 650 1017/1020
  • Ambulance: 999/10177