CPUT Application Status 2023-2024: CPUT Application 2023 Closing Date

CPUT Application Status 2023-2024

CPUT Application Status 2023-2024

CPUT Application Status 2023-2024: CPUT Application 2023 Closing Date

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology is at the cutting edge of technological education and development in Africa. With over 30 000 students, it is the only university of technology in the Western Cape and the largest university in the region. Applied Sciences, Business, Education, Social Sciences, Engineering, Informatics, Design, and Health and Wellness Sciences are among the university’s six faculties that provide recognised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

CPUT’s aim is to be Africa’s leading the Smart University of Technology, producing graduates who build a better world for humanity. CPUT’s goal is to transform its students by bringing in world-class researchers who promote cutting-edge knowledge generation and innovation.

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Get your admission status by following up.

The CPUT system has all of the programmes loaded. Once your application has been entered into the system, you will receive an SMS confirming that the institution has received your application. Please keep in mind that this is not an acceptance letter.

  • Track your application
    Prospective applicants, who have handed in an application form, can track the progress of their application online or by calling.

Track application status online

Please note, when you contact the institution, you will need to provide the Call Centre Agent or Admission Officer with your identity number or passport number.

  • Start studying
    Successful candidates will be notified in writing of their acceptance to the institution. You will be informed of the registration dates and times as well as the commencement of class.
  • Submit your final marks
    Students who applied with their Grade 11 and mid-year Grade 12 marks must submit a certified copy of their final Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification marks at the beginning of the academic year.  Students who do not submit their final marks will lose their provisional acceptance.

How to Check the Status of Your CPUT Application in 2023-2024

You must follow the steps outlined below to check your status after applying;

  • By visiting the University’s official website and checking your status.
  • Enter your login information, such as your name and student number, and then click the Submit button.
  • Your admission status, including whether or not you have been accepted, will be sent to you through email.

If your application is approved, you will get additional instructions for final enrollment. Congratulations if your application to study at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) was accepted. CPUT Application 2023 Closing Date

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Cape Peninsula University of Technology Contact Information

Contact for more information

  • CPUT Call Centre
    Tel: +27 21 959 6767
    Tel: 086 123 2788
    Email: info@cput.ac.za
  • Bellville Campus Admissions Office
    Tel: +27 21 959 6256
    Tel: +27 21 959 6270
  • District Six Campus Admissions Office
    Tel: +27 21 460 3393
    Tel: +27 21 460 3861

Visit the Central Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Official Website.

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